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Story Notes:

This story is loosely based on one of the storylines from Love Actually, where a couple are stand ins on a porn set. Incidentally, the guy in it plays Jim’s counterpart Tim in the UK version of The Office. The story title comes from Zack and Miri Make a Porno.

This is my first fic ever, so very nervous about this! Big thanks to yellowberry22 for being the best/worst beta ever. 

I don't own anything here, just a couple of Jim and Pam Funko Pops. Oh and the Kevin and his chili one. 

It's just...it's not many little girls' dream to be a porn star. At the very least, it wasn't Pam Beesly's dream. But here she found herself one incredibly cold December morning at a disused office building in Scranton. Her life in porn, just beginning. 

"Go get em babe, you'll be great. Love ya Pammy," shouted Roy from his truck before he sped off to who knows where. 

Ah Roy. Pam and Roy had been engaged for 3 years, together for almost 10 and their wedding was nowhere in sight. They were saving for their big day for one day in the future, well Pam was.  Roy seemed to be spending said savings at bars and on jet skis. It was Roy's suggestion that Pam make some extra money for the wedding by working in porn. She had a regular job as a freelance illustrator, something she was incredibly talented at, but Roy just didn't see it as a proper job that could bring in real money. 


"Hey look at this babe," Roy shouted from the toilet one Tuesday night, his one night a week he was actually home between Poker nights, bar crawls or nights playing ball with the guys. Not that Pam minded, she was used to being alone and loved the time to paint, work on her illustrations or just catch up on some trashy TV. 

"What‘s that?" Pam shouted from the kitchen. 

"There's an ad here in my magazine for stand ins for some porno they're shooting right here in Scranton. You should do it babe, get some extra cash for the wedding," Roy told her. 

"Ermm what?!" Pam exclaimed walking into the bathroom. The stench hit her and she immediately recoiled. "Oh jeez Roy, shut the door." Pam slammed the door shut. 

"Yeah look babe, it pays $500 a day and you won't be doing actual porn, just standing around," Roy shouted through the now closed door. 

"You can't be serious? You, Roy Anderson, who gets jealous if a guy so much as looks at me, wants me to do porn?" asked Pam incredulously. 

"It's not real porn babe, it's just a way to make a lot of money quickly, and then we can get married sooner. Just like you want," Roy replied.

Yeah, just like I want thought Pam. 

Roy continued, "And even if it were real porn, it's all just pretend. You'd look super hot and make even more money which is the important bit. You should definitely do this."

"Yeah maybe, I'll think about it," she mumbled, intending to give it no thought whatsoever. 

"Great babe," Roy called out, "oh, and Kenny just text to say he's at the bar and wants to talk so I'm gonna join him when I'm done in here."

"I thought we were spending the evening together Roy? I made grilled cheese and I thought we could watch The Princess Bride together?" 

"Come on babe, you know grilled cheese isn't a real dinner and The Princess Bride sucks. You can do your doodles or something," Roy shouted through the still closed door. "That way we both get an evening we'd prefer." 

Pam nodded silently at the door before going to sit in the living room with her sketchbook. More and more she wondered why they were even thinking about a wedding when clearly Roy had no interest in being in this relationship. Just one more night alone, what else is new? thought Pam, but is this really how I want to spend the rest of my life?

After spending the evening working on her illustrations, Pam went to bed long before Roy dragged himself home. As he stumbled into bed she heard him mutter something along the lines of "gonna be so hot seeing you bouncing up and down" before passing out with a grunt. Her mind raced back to that porn ad. He couldn't still be thinking about that could he? It's not like he meant sex with her, they hardly did it any more and if they did, Roy was always fully in control on top in bed. Pam couldn't even remember the last time she was on top. Or the last time Roy had made her come for that matter. But Roy wanted to see her having sex with another guy? Wasn't this meant to just be a stand in job? 

The next morning she got up and tiptoed around the hungover mess that was her fiancé and went to the kitchen to make some tea. She sat sipping it slowly, thinking about the three projects she needed to complete by the end of the week when she heard "oh shit I'm running so late, Darryl is gonna be pissed. See you later babe," being yelled out by Roy as he stumbled out of the front door. 

Not so much as a "how was your evening?" or a kiss goodbye, no real thought of Pam at all. She knew the cycle though, it had happened enough times by now. Around 10.30am after several cups of coffee and some sort of breakfast sandwich, Roy would start texting her apologies of missing their night in together and promises of making it up to her later that evening. He'd come home with some sort of dinner for them and tell Pam how pretty her art was that she was working on, before falling asleep in front of the TV. 

And right on time the first message rolled on in at 10.32am:

Hey babe, sorry for leaving you all alone last night, Kenny just really needed to talk things over about the new business. But I'll bring dinner home tonight so you don't need to cook. Sound good?

She ignored it for a good hour before another message came through:

I was thinking about a spring wedding next year like you always wanted. I know it's only a few months away but if you got that job we could easily afford it 

What job? Pam quickly typed back. 

The porn one. You'd make so much money

Pam rolled her eyes and threw her phone onto the other end of the couch and proceeded to ignore it for the rest of the day. 

At 6.30pm, Roy strolled through the door with a bag of Chinese takeout and called out for Pam, "Pammy, where you at babe? I've got dinner."

"I'm in the living room," she called back. 

Roy walked into the living room and proceeded to unload the contents of the bag. 

"Where's the moo shu pork?" Pam asked. 

"Oh shit, I totally forgot that's the one you like. Sorry babe. Want me to run out and get you some?" Roy sounded genuinely sorry for once in his life. 

"No it's ok, but thanks," Pam replied, thinking maybe he just did forget but did genuinely care. Something she thought he'd long forgotten how to do. 

They ate in contented silence for a while, before Roy started flicking through the TV channels and Pam started sketching. 

"Woah that's amazing babe," Roy exclaimed when he saw the takeout box Pam was drawing. 

"Oh! Thanks!" Pam was genuinely taken aback by how impressed he seemed for once. 

"Yeah it's awesome," Roy continued, "it's just a shame you can't make that much money from your stuff. If you picked up a side hustle you could bring in more for the house." Pam felt that flicker of appreciation fade away.

"A side hustle? Like what?" Pam asked

"Well the porn thing would be great easy money," Roy replied. 

"Oh jeez we're back on that are we?" Pam was just getting more and more annoyed now. 

"It's just standing around babe, it's not real porn. Although in my head I keep imagining you all dressed up like some porn star and it's so hot." Roy was moving closer to try and nuzzle Pam's neck but she squirmed away from him. "Just think, you in some little school girl outfit, your tits all pushed up and bouncing everywhere. God you'd look so hot, like Pam 6.0 or something. Shit look how hard it's getting me."

Pam looked at the small bulge forming in his pants and felt sick. Was the only way that they were going to get intimate these days was if Roy was imagining some porn fantasy? Disgusted with that thought and the life that was lying ahead of her, she pushed him off of her and went to bed. 

Days later and Roy still hadn't let this porn thing go. He'd circled the ad and left it on the kitchen table, pushing it in Pam's face at every opportunity. She was getting sick and tired of it. But with every mention of how much money she could make from this, an inkling of an idea formed in Pam's mind. Money could help her do a lot of things. Big things, like real life-changes kind of things. The only other thing she'd need would be some courage.

"Fine!" she suddenly snapped "I'll give them a call. Happy?!" Anything to shut him up. 

"Awesome babe," Roy said while pinching her butt and trying to get a sloppy kiss on her cheek, but Pam was pulling away. 

Pam picked up the magazine and slowly dialed the number, wondering what she was about to get herself into. 

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