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Story Notes:
Confidential to whomever I've written this story for: I'm so, so, so sorry that you had to wait an extra month to read this. I truly hope you enjoy it!

I really wanted to make sure to include all 7 elements, and so the only way to do so was to obliterate the timeline. I basically picked up "newly secretly dating Jim and Pam" and moved them and the rest of the beginning of season 4 to December 2021. Just... go along with it. Please?

Happy 2022, MTT! 

“Who the fuck spends New Year’s Eve with their coworkers? This is bullshit.” Pam’s foot stamped defiantly against the cold asphalt, spraying dirty slush across the tops of Jim’s shoes as he stood next to the car, holding the passenger door for her. “Oops, sorry about that.” She frowned, looking down at the barely shoveled parking lot. Jim had parked in the spot furthest from the door to give them a last moment of privacy before they joined the madness that awaited them at Dunder Mifflin’s First Ever Annual Mandatory Fun Rockin’ New Year’s Eve Party hosted by Michael Scott. Well, according to the invite; it was being hosted by Michael Scottcrest (and maybe, but probably not, Beyonce) but even Jim and Pam had their limits as to how much they could indulge their boss and his mandatory work events.

Especially the ones where they had to hide their still new to them relationship status.

Pam stumbled a little, grabbing Jim’s arm to steady herself as she kicked more snow and gravel from her heels. He tripped under the unexpected weight falling against them and somehow, Pam ended up with her back against the side of his car and Jim pressed up against her.

“Yeah this won’t look suspicious at all if anyone comes out here.” Pam wasn’t inclined to move as hands slid up the sleeves of his wool coat and over his shoulders. “We could just say I fell on the ice,” she suggested, tugging him even closer. “You know Michael’s greatest fear is being sued.”

“Yeah but then Dwight will want to review the security camera footage and do you really want those two to see what we were just doing in my car?”

Jim made a good point. “Ugh fine.” She accepted the kiss he gave her and then wrapped her hand around his arm as they made their way through the parking lot. They walked slowly, partly so neither of them slipped again but mostly so Pam could get the rest of her complaining out of the way.

“It’s not fair,” she whined for the third or fourth time that day. “It’s our first new year together. I already had to share you with family on Christmas and now this? Absolutely ridiculous. What’s next, Jim? Is our first Valentine’s Day going to be a double date at Benihana with Karen and Roy?”

“That would imply that Karen and Roy are dating. And also that we’re telling them we’re dating. So no. That’s not happening.” Jim’s hand squeezed her hip, turning her into him so that she could feel his breath on her ear. “Already planning Valentine’s Day, huh? I like that.” 

“You won’t like it when it’s us on a mandatory Jamaican cruise with Michael and Jan.” Pam muttered as she stabbed at the elevator buttons. Her face brightened as the doors slid shut in front of them. “Maybe the elevator will break and we’ll be stuck in here all night?”

“We are not that lucky.” Jim’s arms were around her waist again and she yielded to him instantly. “It’s just a few hours and it’ll make Michael happy.” 

“Ask me how much I care about Michael’s happiness right now.” She knew she was pouting but thankfully, they were still a new enough couple that Jim found her pouting cute. “What happens at midnight? We can’t kiss in front of everyone, that would be a disaster; but we can’t not not kiss either because that will be bad luck for the whole year.”

“Don’t worry about that. Let’s just try and have some fun tonight, okay?” His fingers grazed over the front of her dress, tickling at her ribs when she didn’t respond. “Come on,” he prodded. “If you can make it through tonight I promise I’ll make tomorrow worth it.”

“How?” she asked, raising an eyebrow at him skeptically. She watched as a smirk flashed across his face and laughed, shaking her head as she pressed her hand to his mouth to keep him from talking. “No, don’t you dare. I swear to god, Jim, if the next words out of your mouth are with the best sex of my life, I’m breaking up with you right here and now in this elevator.”

He waited for her to remove her hand. “That feels like a bit of an overreaction. Also, bold of you to assume you’ve even experienced the best sex of your life with me yet.” He paused, pulling a face. “Wait, is that right?” Clearly, the six pack of beer they’d shared while getting ready for tonight’s festivities were already catching up with him.

“Shut up.” They were both laughing as she slid her lips against his with one last kiss to hold them over the rest of the night. 

They broke apart just as the elevator doors opened. Oscar was standing off to the side, talking so animatedly into his phone that they hoped he hadn’t even noticed them. Sliding past him, they snuck into the office as quietly as they could.

While it was bad enough that they were being forced to spend the evening with their co-workers; it was absolutely depressing that the party was being held at the office and not even the conference room of a Holiday Inn Express but there hadn’t been many options given that Michael hadn’t even started planning the party until December twenty-eighth. 

Jim held the door open for her and they were immediately assaulted by a cacophony of party sounds – laughter at something Kelly was saying, groans from the corner where Toby was holding court over a game of What Do You Meme, and Michael yelling Happy New Year over the synthetic pop beats of Taylor Swift.

“There they are! Now the party is complete!” Michael pounced on them immediately. He was wearing a Baby New Year sash over his tuxedo, oversized plastic glasses with frames shaped into the number 2022, and a gold crown. He blew a noisemaker directly into Jim’s face. “We’re feeling twenty-twenty-two!” he sang at the top of his lungs. “Get it?” He pointed at one of the speakers. “The song is called 22 and it’s about to be 2022!” 

“Got it, Michael.” Pam gave him the first of what she assumed would be many patient smiles that night. Still, she couldn’t resist a small dig. “What happened to Beyonce?” 

His face darkened slightly. “She never replied to my DM even though I sent like eighty of them,” he mumbled. “Neither did that jerk Ryan Seacrest.” 

“I think he’s probably a little busy tonight.”

“I just thought it would have been neat if they’d Zoom’ed us into the show for a few minutes,” Michael shot back defensively. “You know what? It’s fine. Next year I’ll just ask Dolly Parton. She never lets anyone down.”

“Great idea.” 

“I know. Anyways, go! Have fun! Drink and be merry and oh!” Michael’s eyes got even wider, his face nearly splitting in two as he grinned. “Jim. Jimbo. Jimothy Olyphant. I have another great idea.”

“Another one?” Jim held his hands up in front of him. “Slow down, leave some for next year.” 

“This one will really knock your socks off,” Michael promised. He looked sideways at Pam and then back at Jim before clapping him on the back and suggesting they go get a drink. Then, in a stage whisper loud enough for the entire room to hear, he admitted he just didn’t want Pam to hear their plan because she was a giant fun ruiner. He said the last part in Pig Latin.

Pam could only shrug at Jim as he was pulled away. She had no idea what Michael was planning but if he was that desperate to get away from her; then yeah, she probably would be the one to shut it down.

She wasn’t alone for long. Oscar snuck back into the party and, passing by her on his way to where the drinks were, stopped and winked at her. “So I saw you and Jim walked in together,” he said knowingly.

“Oh? Yeah.” She smiled and shrugged. “Well, we made a pact after that one Dundies that we’d carpool to all work events together in case one of us has too much to drink.” She pointed at herself with a self-deprecating laugh.

“Sure Pam.” He patted her arm condescendingly and with a shake of his head, walked away just as Jim walked back towards her, two drinks in hand. She took the one he offered her and drank greedily in hopes of forgetting what Oscar had just insinuated.

“So what’s the plan?” she asked, suddenly unsure if she really wanted to know. Sometimes, it was best to go into Michael’s schemes blindly and just claim ignorance after the fact,

“Do you know what a key party is?”

“A key party,” she replied slowly, her eyes widening in recognition at what they were talking about. “I.. no. Absolutely not. We are not– why does he think– how–” She didn’t have an ending for any one of the hundred thoughts running through her head. “You told him no, right? You put an end to it before it could begin, right?”

“Actually.” Jim looked away guiltily and over his shoulder Pam watched as Michael and Dwight grabbed the punchbowl from the table and carried it into the breakroom. 

“Stop.” She shoved his left side hard. “You encouraged this? Tell me you didn’t.”

“Just hear me out,” he pleaded. “I think– no, I know – we should go along with this.”

“Yeah? You do? Can I just…” Pam reached for the plastic cup in his hand and sniffed the contents before taking a sip. “Sorry, I just thought maybe this was straight alcohol because I don’t know why else you would say something like that.”

The grin he flashed her way did little to inspire any confidence that he was entirely sober. “Just trust me. I have a plan. I can make this work for us.” He stopped talking as Dwight stood in front of them with the now cleaned out punch bowl. Before any of them could say anything, Michael leapt onto Jim’s desk and clapped his hands, calling for everyone in the room to shut up for a minute.

Once he had everyone’s eyes on him, Michael launched into his plan.

“So everyone is going to put their watch into the punch bowl. Dwight, show them the punch bowl. Once he has everyone’s watches, he’ll go back around the room and everyone will pick one. Whoever’s watch you pick, that’s who you kiss at midnight.” He held up his hand as the arguments came from around the room. “I don’t want to hear it, Phyllis,” he said with a shake of his head. “I don’t care that you’re here with your fiance. I mean, look at me, my girlfriend is here too. I have someone I can kiss at midnight. But what about Kelly? She came alone. And Andy, he doesn’t have a date either. Meredith, Toby… Toby, guys. How do you expect Toby to be able to kiss anyone ever if we don’t make it so someone has to kiss him. It’s the perfect plan.” He frowned at the unhappy faces looking back at him and stamped his foot. In his New Year's Eve costume, he looked absolutely ridiculous. “Either do it or no one gets their Christmas bonus.”

“We already gave out the bonuses,” Angela pointed out icily. “Toby, you’re HR,” she hissed. “Say something.”

“I’ve kissed girls before,” Toby protested. He shrunk a little under Angela’s glare. “I mean, Michael, strictly from a zero tolerance sexual harrasment in the workplace policy, you can’t do this. You know you can’t.”

“I’ll let you pick the first watch if it means you’ll get off my back with your lame policies.” 

Neither Pam nor Jim missed the way Toby’s gaze fell to her wrist before he looked back at Michael. “On the other hand, maybe this isn’t a work-sanctioned party but rather, just a party we’re having on office property.”

“Nuh-uh,” Pam muttered into her cup, hiding her arm behind her back. Jim just laughed at her.

“It’s literally called Dunder Mifflin’s New Years Eve Party,” Kelly pointed out.

“That’s not even the full name. Come on Kelly, you of all people know I worked hard on those flyers, the least you could do–” Michael’s whining was lost in the din of everyone else arguing the pros and cons of his key party kiss idea.

“I don’t know guys.” Kevin shook his head. “I did the math. There are way more guys here than girls. What if we pick another guy’s watch?” he asked slowly. “We’re not all like Oscar.”

“What does that mean?”

“That’s not really my problem,” Michael said dismissively.

Pam leaned into Jim’s shoulder. “Maybe he should do the math again,” she whispered out of the side of her mouth. “Why hasn’t anyone pointed out that only half of us need to put our watches into the bowl?”

“Shh,” was all Jim said and she stared at him suspiciously while he tried to convince the rest of the group to participate.

“Jan!” Angela’s face was nearly scarlet with anger. “Stop this. You’re corporate. You can’t allow this.”

Jan looked like she’d been drinking since… well, since Christmas, and she just shrugged indifferently at Angela’s outrage. “I was corporate,” she said, reminding them all of her recent termination. “And I think it’s a good idea, Babe!” She smiled encouragingly at her boyfriend before turning and winking at Jim.

Pam cackled as Jim tried to hide behind her. “No way buddy, you wanted this, remember?”

“I think we’re both going to need another drink,” he said. 

“Neither of you is going anywhere until I have your watches,” Dwight said with as much authority as he could, considering he was wearing a glittery party hat, the same 2022 glasses as Michael, and was holding an oversized punch bowl in his hands.

“Right. Of course.” Jim didn’t hesitate to take his watch off and drop it into the bowl. His eyes pleaded silently with Pam to play along and she gave him one last weary look before sliding her own watch from her wrist. Dwight thanked them formally and moved onto the next cluster of people. Jim went to get them another round of drinks.

Toby swooped in before she could move. “Hey Pam, happy new year.”

“Oh. Hey Toby.” She clinked her nearly empty cup against his. “Having fun? You seemed to be killing it at that card game when I walked in.”

“Oh that?” He shrugged. “It’s a fun game. You should play later.”

“Maybe.” Out of habit she went to glance at her watch, but realized too late her wrist was now bare. A quick glance at the clock on the wall told her it was only nine-thirty. 

Toby noticed her looking at the time and he grinned knowingly. “Waiting until midnight?”

“You know it,” she muttered. His eyes lit up, her sarcasm clearly lost on him. 

“Hey man.” Jim came back not a moment too soon. He handed Pam a second drink and shook hands with Toby. “Pretty wild party, huh?”

Toby looked back and forth between the two of them and visibly deflated. He muttered something under his breath and slunk away.

“That was weird,” Jim noted.

“Mmhm.” She rolled her eyes at him. “Stop looking at me like that or literally everyone is going to know about us.”

“How am I looking at you?”

“Like you know what I look like naked.”

“Well, I do know what you look like naked, so…” They both realized how loudly he was talking and he at least managed to look sheepish about it. “Sorry, I uh - may have done a couple of shots with Kevin while getting these drinks.”

“And you didn’t bring me one?”

“Do you want one? I can–” he turned to leave but she caught him by the elbow. 

“No, that’s okay. Also, don’t leave me again because every time you do, someone comes up to me and makes comments like they know what’s going on.”

“Everyone’s drunk though, so no one will remember any of this in the morning.” They stood quietly and watched the party play out around them; both cringing as Angela threw her watch into the bowl with everyone else’s with such venom that she almost cracked the glass. “Guess Dwight probably isn’t getting lucky tonight, huh?”

“For sure not.” Pam almost choked on the drink she was in the middle of taking. “Wait, you know about that?”

“You know about that?” Jim shook his head sadly. “So much for us telling each other everything. I thought we were better than that.”

“Uh huh. And I thought we were better than you going along with this stupid game of Michael’s.” She squinted at him suspiciously. “A game, by the way, you didn’t seem all that surprised or shocked at.”

“Are you kidding? It’s been Michael’s dream to host a key party all year. I talked him out of doing it on Groundhog’s Day, Valentine’s Day, President’s Day,” Jim ticked the holidays off on his fingers as he listed them off. “May Day. I actually thought that one could have been fun but then Corporate said no May events whatsoever. I thought maybe he was actually going to pull it off for the Fourth of July but after the disaster that was Flag Day, he took July off from parties.” They both winced at that particular memory. “Halloween was too obvious. Thanksgiving was – well it’s not exactly thankful to partner swap, is it?” He shrugged. “What can I say, Pam? He finally saw his chance and he went for it. I can’t even be mad, really.”

“Well I can.” Pam hoped she was staring daggers at him above the smile threatening her lips. She sighed. “All I know is you better remember what my watch looks like, Halpert.”

“Please.” The look he gave her was full of tipsy indignation. “Right down to the tiny scratch on the band from when you ran into the screen door at the cabin over Thanksgiving.” He looked entirely too pleased with himself when she blushed. “Anyways. I have a plan. And I need a favor from you. Two favors, actually, but they’re kind of the same thing.” 

“What kind of plan?”

“Actually…” he looked at her guiltily. “It’s better if you don’t know the plan just yet. It’ll all make sense soon and I promise it’s worth all of this. I just need you to do something for me.”


“Keep everyone distracted for like, ten minutes. No, make it twenty to be on the safe side. And see if you can get everyone loosened up a bit. More drinking somehow.”

“You’re really not going to tell me what you’re doing?”

“Not yet. But I will soon. Can you just do this for me? Please?” He looked around to make sure no one was paying any attention to them and then leaned closer. “If this all works, you’ll get the best sex of your life,” he promised as seriously as he could.

She nearly choked on her drink and then shoved him away. “I hate you. Go. You’ve got twenty minutes to do whatever it is you need to do.” He gave her one last grin and walked away again, calling for Dwight.

Her Titos and soda infused gaze must have lingered a second too long because the next thing she knew, Phyllis swooped in on her from the left. 

“So… you and Jim are managing to fly under the radar pretty well tonight, huh? I think that’s sweet.

“Yeah,” Pam agreed distractedly. The words registered a second too late. “Wait, what?”

The other woman could barely contain her glee. “Oh please. You two are the office’s worst kept secret. What’s it been… two or three months, right?” Her eyes sparkled mischievously behind her glasses. “It was right around Labor Day when you started doing your hair and makeup again and neither of you could stop smiling.”

“Great, does everyone know?”

“Not everyone. Michael has no idea. I doubt Dwight does though it wouldn’t surprise me. Most people probably suspect but only Oscar and I knew for sure.”  

“And how does Oscar know for sure?” 

“Oh. He caught you.” Phyllis leaned forward. “In the supply closet one morning.”

Pam felt her cheeks burn as she recalled the exact morning Phyllis was talking about. Poor Oscar. She took a healthy sip of her drink and forced a smile onto her face. “Well. I guess it was silly to think we could keep it secret forever,” she admitted. “And besides. Maybe it’s a good thing you know,” she said as brightly as she could. “That means I can count on you to switch watches with me if you pull Jim’s, right?”

“Not a chance Sweetie.” Phyllis looked around to make sure no one was listening to them. “You may as well know that Jim’s at the top of my hall pass list and I’m not going to give my chance up.” She shrugged at the look Pam gave her. “I’ve already cleared it with Bob.”

“Oh.” Pam wasn’t sure what else she could say. “Okay.”

“I knew you’d understand.” Phyllis smiled again. “I won’t tell you who’s on my Bobby’s list but I will tell you one of our favorite things to role play is boss and secretary.”

“Fantastic.” Pam finally remembered that she was supposed to be distracting everyone else by getting them liquored up. She quickly excused herself from any more talk with Phyllis by latching herself onto Michael’s arm and asking him if he knew that Taylor Swift’s favorite thing to do at parties was group tequila shots.

“Everybody gets a tequila shot!” Michael yelled out immediately as he lined up plastic shot glasses in front of Kevin, who was pouring drinks from behind Pam’s desk. He failed to notice Jim was missing as he passed them out and thankfully, no one else asked where he was either.

Out of the corner of her eye Pam noticed Toby staring at her from across the room again. Turning to her right, she struck up a conversation with Kelly before he could make his way over to her. “Kelly, I absolutely love your dress,” she gushed. “It’s so sparkly!”

And that’s how she spent the next thirteen minutes listening to Kelly explain how a bedazzler worked.

“It looks great.” Both girls looked up at the sound of Jim’s voice. He leaned against the conference table with his shoulder barely brushing Pam’s. “Do you think your bedazzler would work on denim? I have this jacket I found at the thrift store that definitely could use some bling.” 

“Oh my God! That would be so retro. Retro is in now, Jim. Did you know that?” Kelly’s eyes lit up as she took a deep breath and began yet another tangent on the pros of sequined clothes.

Jim’s fingers grazed the small of Pam’s back before dipping lower and she had to take a sip of her drink to hide her expression as he intentionally groped her ass under the cloak of the dimly lit room and Kelly’s inane chatter.

She blinked and his hand was gone as he engaged with Kelly. He listed to the left, his thigh pressing against hers before he righted himself.

Pam took another drink, this time to conceal the tiny smile she couldn’t get rid of as she took in his flushed cheeks and bright eyes. Jim was more than a little drunk. She looked down, biting the inside of her cheek, as she took a moment to enjoy the warmth spreading through her as she categorized one more thing in her mind that separated Jim Halpert: Work Best Friend and Jim Halpert: Boyfriend.

Jim Halpert: Boyfriend was extremely handsy after a few drinks.

“Hey.” He elbowed her gently and when she looked up, Kelly was gone. “What were you thinking about just now?”

“You in a bedazzled jean jacket,” she said automatically. “Did you have enough time to complete your mission?”

“I did, thank you very much.”

“Great. Now can you tell me what you were doing?” She was careful to keep her eyes on the game of Dirty Pictionary that Darryl, Kevin, and Andy were giggling over.

“I reset everyone’s watches and all of the clocks in the office ahead so we’ll all be out of here well before midnight.” Jim sounded extremely pleased with himself and she had to admit that she was impressed by his quick thinking.

“Nice.” She nodded appreciatively. She looked at the clock and realized that time had indeed jumped ahead by almost two hours. “By the way, Phyllis knows about us. Oh, and you’re her hall pass. Lucky.”  He looked mildly alarmed but his face turned incredulous as she went on. “Also, she and Bob like to role play dirty boss and secretary.”

“Well we’re taking that off the bucket list.” 

Pam slid her eyes back to meet Jim’s and this time allowed their gazes to lock and linger. They both grinned wildly at each other and she felt that same warm wave of affection sweep over her again.

“Come with me,” she murmured, hooking her finger into one of his belt loops; not caring who saw them as she pulled him out of the conference room, through the bullpen, and into the darkened breakroom. The door had barely swung shut before she was pulling him close enough to kiss him.

Okay, maybe he wasn’t the only one who got handsy after a few drinks.

“Not that this is literally all I wanted to do tonight” he mumbled against her mouth, walking her backwards until she was pressed against one of the vending machines. “But anyone could walk in here right now.”

“I know.” She still had him by the belt loop and tugged him even closer, wrapping her free arm around his neck. “I don’t care.” She sounded a little breathless to her own ears as her lips skated down the side of his neck. “Half of them know about us anyways.” His annoyed grunt at that fact dissolved into something huskier as her teeth scraped at his jawline. Seemingly, they both reached the conclusion at the same time that hiding from their co-workers wasn’t really worth it anymore.

That is, until Angela banged her way into the break room and wasn’t shy about her displeasure at seeing them making out in the blue glow of the vending machines.

“Michael’s making everyone choose watches now,” she said stiffly. She looked at them disapprovingly as they straightened out their clothing and then her face softened slightly. She stopped them before they walked past her. “I know what you did with the clocks,” she said finally. “And I appreciate it.” Her eyes narrowed at Jim’s smile. “The bleach to spray down that vending machine is under the sink.” She left the breakroom before they could.

“So…” Jim ran his hand through his hair and held the door open for her. “You said everyone knows?”

“Just about. Hey.” She lifted an eyebrow at him suspiciously as they joined the rest of their coworkers. “How does Angela know about you changing the time?”

“Well I needed a second accomplice and who better than the man whose girlfriend definitely doesn’t want to kiss anyone, probably including him tonight?” It was at that moment that Dwight, carrying that damned punchbowl, nodded discreetly at them as he passed by without stopping to let them grab a watch from it. 

“No way, he went against Michael? Wow. He and Angela must be serious.”

“I didn’t ask a lot of questions.” 

“Okay!” Michael called out. “Man, I don’t know about you guys but I can’t believe it’s already five minutes until midnight. Tonight went crazy fast, and I’m pretty sure we can all agree it’s because I threw such a great party, right?” He looked around eagerly. “Right?” he asked again. Feeling generous in the moment, Pam led the group in a “three cheers for Michael!” moment before instantly panicking as he turned to the tv to turn on the traitorous Ryan Seacrest.

Jim shushed her with a look that plainly told her he had it covered. And he did; the power cord was seemingly missing from the back of the television and he called out to their boss that there wasn’t any time for them to worry about finding it and that they could just do the countdown themselves. 

“Okay, okay, okay.” Michael looked more gleeful than Jim’s nephews had when Jim had surprised them all on Christmas Eve by dressing up as Santa Claus. “Find your kissing partner. I think I know who mine is…” 

To Michael’s credit, his face only fell briefly and recovered gamely when Meredith yelled out, “Awesome! Pucker up, Boss!” as he held her watch in his hand.

Jim nudged gently. “Check your pocket.” She eyed him curiously but slid her hand into her pocket and tried not to laugh as she pulled out his watch. “I really, really hope you’re the one who put this there and not Dwi–nope.” She shook her head. “As far as I know, you’re the one who did that.”

“Wait a minute.” He reached into his own pocket and dangled her watch in front of her. “Can you believe it? What are the odds of that happening?”

She tried not to smile and failed miserably as Michael started yelling for everyone to gather round again. “I don’t know, maybe you should ask Kevin to do the math.” They were both laughing as he pulled her toward the back of the room, slightly separate from everyone else as Michael started an unnecessarily long countdown of 45 seconds.

His hand was warm as it closed around hers, squeezing gently before he let go to slide his arm around her waist. Despite knowing it was actually only 10:59pm, she couldn’t stop smiling at the growing excitement around them as everyone joined in with Michael as the numbers ticked down. 

Jim didn’t kiss her at the exact moment they all yelled “Zero! Happy New Year!” Instead, they each took a second to clock their surroundings - to see Meredith plant a solid kiss on Michael, who didn’t know what to do with his hands. Andy dipped Kelly dramatically before kissing her gallantly. Phyllis and Bob had either ignored the rules to the game after realizing she hadn’t gotten Jim’s watch or they had gotten lucky with each other. The real shocker of the moment was Toby and Jan and the definitely not safe for work make out moment they were engaged in.

Dwight and Angela were nowhere to be found.

“Hey.” Jim’s voice was low against her ear and she turned slowly to face him, smiling adoringly at the guy she no longer had any interest in pretending she wasn’t dating. “Happy New Year’s, Beesly.”

“Happy New Year,” she whispered back as he bent his head to kiss her. She ignored the catcalls coming from Kevin and Oscar as Jim’s arms wrapped solidly around her waist and held her close. She barely even blushed when they finally broke apart and everyone was grinning at them.

And then they got to go home and ring in 2022 all over again as God intended them to.

With Ryan Seacrest.

Chapter End Notes:

My 7 Secret Santa Fanfic Elements were:

- office party
- classic Jim prank
- secret relationship
- kiss (or near kiss)
- awkward Michael moment
- drunk handsy Jim
- getting caught


Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended. 

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This story is part of the series, Secret Santa Fic Exchange 2021. The previous story in the series is Wherever You Find Love (It Feels Like Christmas). The next story in the series is A Rex Manning New Year.

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