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Summary: A series of: thoughts, drabble, maybe poems? From the perspective of—
Rated: K
Categories: Jim and Pam, Other Characters: Ensemble
Genres: Drabble, Poetry
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Published: February 02, 2022 Updated: April 19, 2022
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Story Notes:
Hi, my friends. In 2022 I want to continue to write, of course, but also push myself to stretch the limits of creativity and vulnerability and put into words little bits of not quite fully formed thoughts and feelings down onto paper (so to speak) and put them out into the world. Because sometimes there are things in my head that I want to get out but can’t quite be coaxed into full fledged stories so instead I present to you these little bits of writing that are somewhere between poetry and something else, from the perspective of different people in different times. I hope that you like them and will forgive an indulgence. :)

1. Pam by BigTuna [Reviews - 10] 10 (132 words)
Season 9, or maybe season 3

2. Jim by BigTuna [Reviews - 5] 5 (229 words)
alternatively titled happy*