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Story Notes:

Everyone's favorite gossip page Deuxmoi comes to Scranton.

No copyright infringement intended here for The Office or Deuxmoi. We're just huge fans of both. Any gossip submitted has not been independently verified.

Scranton Times-Tribune

Lighter Side of Life: The List Is Scranton's Newest Gossip Site But...Whose List Is It?

By Chad Lite

September 17th, 2009


You can't have missed it. Whether you like gossip or not, The List is the phrase on everyone's lips. And we can't get enough of it.

From revealing the secret ingredient in Alfredo's pizza sauce and now knowing just why their pizza tastes so bad, to what Bob Vance and Jessica were trying to keep a secret, there's nothing that escapes The List.

The site gets literally hundreds of hits a day, and their Twitter followers have now tipped over one thousand. It's safe to say, The List is making waves in Scranton.

But the biggest question everyone wants to know is who is the person behind The List?

Here's everything we know, so that you'll be in the know too.

What is The List?

At the very heart of The List is its website. Anyone can anonymously submit gossip, sightings around Scranton and juicy tidbits, and then The List will share this on their Twitter page. 

The one thing the site refuses to do, is name names. That's it's number one rule. Along with users submitting anonymously, names cannot be used. Instead, those submitting will provide hints as to who they are describing. 

The List also clearly states that anything it publishes, it cannot verify. As it completely runs on anonymous personal submissions, there is no way to fact check these. So take anything you read with a pinch of salt. But it all adds to the frenzy of the gossip and trying to figure out who is who. And checking out the guesses in the Twitter comments is half the fun.

Who runs The List?

It's the question that everyone wants the answer to. Literally no one knows.

There's been several guesses at who could be running it. A busy body church goer who isn't as holy as they say they are. A hot shot from New York. Someone that frequents every bar in Scranton. An attention seeking nobody. 

It's a mystery that may never be solved. 

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