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Pam has always wanted to spend Chanukah somewhere warm.

So it's a good thing then that Roy just bought two tickets to sunny California!

Or, as it happens, not.

 Written for the 2022 Holiday Fic challenge  

Rated: T
Categories: Jim and Pam Characters: Jim, Jim/Pam, Pam, Pam/Roy, Roy
Genres: Angst, Holiday, Romance
Warnings: No Warnings Apply
Series: None
Chapters: 8 Completed: Yes
Word count: 8986 Read: 1867 ePub Downloads: 0
Published: December 18, 2022 Updated: December 25, 2022
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Story Notes:

Every chapter is named for a Chanukah song. Planned updates every day of Chanukah (beginning today, since Chanukah starts tonight).

 Keep your eyes peeled for:

A Hanukkah song (OK, this one will be easy to find)

A lottery ticket

A grease fire

Michael attempting to integrate Chanukah and Christmas

A Pittsburgh Penguin 


Content warning in chapter 2 for indirect reference to the Holocaust and Dwight's 1930s German family. 

1. Chanukah in Santa Monica by Comfect [Reviews - 3] 4 (990 words)

“We’re spending Hannukah/In Santa Monica…”

--"Hannukah in Santa Monica,” by Tom Lehrer

2. Una kandelika by Comfect [Reviews - 5] 5 (1187 words)

“Una kandelika, dos kandelikas, tres kandelikas, kuatro kandelikas sintyu kandelikas, sesh kandelikas, siete kandelikas, ocho kandelas para mi.” – “Ocho Kandelikas” by Flory Jagoda

 Content warning for Dwight's German family in the 1930s on the wrong side of the war, and by extension for the Holocaust. 

3. Rock of Ages by Comfect [Reviews - 3] 4 (1058 words)

“Furious they assailed us/But thy arm availed us” – Maoz Tzur (Rock of Ages) (traditional, c. 13th century)

4. Chanukah Oh Chanukah by Comfect [Reviews - 4] 2 (1415 words)

“One for each night/They shed a sweet light/To remind us of days long ago” – Chanukah, Oh Chanukah (Mordkhe Rivesman, 1912, English version)

5. Mi Yimalel by Comfect [Reviews - 2] 1 (1109 words)

“Who can retell/The things that befell/Us? Who can count them?” – Mi Yimalel (traditional English lyrics, based on Psalm 106)

6. S'Vivon, Sov Sov Sov by Comfect [Reviews - 3] 2 (1130 words)

“S’vivon, sov sov sov/Chanukah hu chag tov” – S’vivon (traditional: roughly translates as ‘spinning top, spin spin spin/Chanukah is a good holiday’)

7. Candle Chase by Comfect [Reviews - 2] 1 (1083 words)

“In my window, where you can see the glow/From my menorah on newly fallen snow/I will set you seven little candles/On this the seventh night of Chanukah” – “Candle Chase” by Laurie Berkner, 2012

8. I Have a Little Dreidel by Comfect [Reviews - 3] 1 (1014 words)

“I have a little dreidel/I made it out of schmaltz/And when I tried to spin it/It did a little waltz” – (I Have a Little Dreidel, by Schmuel Eliezer Goldfarb, additional verses)