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Story Notes:
Complete and utter fluff.

Jim and Pam have had the best date and finally decide to call it a night, since they both have to work in the morning. At her door, Jim gives her a quick, first date kiss then promises that they'll talk the next day at work.

About 20 minutes later, Pam is on her bed, restless and decides to call Jim since she knows she won't fall asleep until she talks to him.

She pulls up his number and hits send quickly. 

Jim answers after one ring. 'Hey.'

'Hi. Did you just get home?'

'About 5 minutes ago.'

'Cool. Is it weird that I already miss you?'

'No, because if you hadn't called, I would be calling you in a minute anyway.'


'Yep. Truly.'

Pam sighs. 'I had the a really good time tonight. Definitely in my top five.'

'Top five what?'

'Of my best days ever.'

'Not number one?'

'Well, the day didn't start out the best, but it sure ended well.'

'Ah, I see. Hmmm, how can we get it to number two, or at least number three?'

'Ummm, well, talk to me.'

'I am talking to you.'

'Ok. Well, we're already to top four.'



'That was easy.'

'Are you calling me easy?'

Jim laughs. 'Oh, Beesly.'

Pam sighs. 'I miss you.'

'I just saw you.'

'I know. I mean I miss My Jim. The Jim I knew before you left for Stamford.'

'I miss him too.'

'I saw him tonight though.'


'More than I've seen him in about a year.'

'Good. I'm glad. I feel like he's coming back more and more. Of course, that's mostly because of you.'



'Ok. Top three.'

'Oh yeah? Getting up there.'

Pam giggles. 'I wanted you to stay.'

'You did?'


'Why didn't you say something?'

'Because I didn't know if you wanted to stay.'

'Of course I did.'

'Oh, so if I asked you to stay, you would have?'


Pam whispers, 'I wanted you to kiss me.' 

'I did kiss you.'

'Not just a little goodnight kiss, although that was nice. I mean...do you remember that night?'

Jim doesn't even have to ask. He knows exactly what night she's referring to. 'Of course I do.'

'That kiss....that kiss was the best kiss of my life. It will be with me forever.'


'Jim, you changed my life.'

'Oh Beesly, you changed my life the moment I met you.'

Pam whispers again. 'What would you do if I told you that I want you to come back over?'

'I would say I'm on my way right now.'

'Top two.'

'Do you really want me to come over right now?'


'I'm on my way.'



'Do you want to stay the night?'

'God yes.'

'Number one day of all time.' 



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