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In the fall of 2006 I fell in love with a goofy show about a mid-range, northwestern-Pennsylvania paper company and my fangirl life changed forever. The show may be finished but will always hold a special place in my heart.

I came back after a few years and now I've ended up a mod! IMHO This is still the best place to access quality Office and Jim&Pam fic, and I hope to keep it that way!

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Challenges by Ladama

"Nice morning, too." by Ladama

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There definitely needs to be some fics based on this first talking head from 9x21 "Living the Dream."-

"We’ve had some really nice days together."
"Nice morning, too."
"Beesly! Oh, my god."

So please, write about that "nice morning." *wink*wink*

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Valentine's Day Writing Contest 2017 by Ladama

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Write a Valentine's Day themed fanfic during the month of February and win real prizes!

Readers' Choice: Out of the Fog by Kat11
Moderators' Choice: Blue Valentine by shutterbug

The Contest Rules in short:

  • Stories should be (in principle) at least 500 words long.
  • Stories should be new and never published
  • Needs to be completed by March 8th, 2017
  • Any genre, rating and pairing is fine as long as the story is Valentine's Day themed.

What to know before you vote:

  • Make sure you are registered on the archive, votes from non-members will not count
  • Please read all of the contest entries (only fair before making a decision!)
  • Every member gets ONE vote, no double registering to cast multiple votes!
  • If you are one the writers, you may vote but no voting for yourself
  • The Readers and Mods choices will be announced the week of March 20th

You can learn more about this contest in our News Archive or on our Forums .

Categories: Jim and Pam, Other Characters: Ensemble, Jim/Pam

Threat Level Midnight - The Making Of by Ladama

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"I did not love the dialogue. Or the character. I took the role to impress a receptionist - who will remain nameless."

Let's see some stories about the making of Michael's magnum opus - Threat Level Midnight! We are of course especially interested in the Jim and Pam part of it (how did Jim get roped it? Did Pam help with his make-up? How did the filming of this scene go?) but any stories about the making of are welcome!

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Categories: Jim and Pam, Other Characters: Ensemble, Jim/Pam