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I'm a mom, wife, chef, and a forever Office fanatic, it seems. 

I was around these parts back in 2007-2009ish and let's just see what fun we can have all these years later, mmkay? :) 

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Favorite Authors
1. Becky215
Stunning. Everything CH writes is just absolutely and completely stunning and I recommend all of it.
2. beruco
Her stories are sweet and endearing and just too much with the hotness. Guh.
3. callisto
In a complete unstalkerish way, I WANT TO BE THIS GIRL. Her stuff is amazing and gorgeous and gah, just.. so them you know? If you haven't read any of Callisto's stories, you're definitely missing out.
4. Colette
Why we aren't reading Colette's books at the library is beyond me. She's amazing.
5. girl7
I don't think there's a story of hers that I DON'T love. She's incredible.
6. LoveFool
One of my favorite authors, she writes Pam and Jim so well and her stories are always a delight to read.
7. Talkative
I just.. this girl has such a talent for words and I read her stories and constantly wish I was just a slim as good as she is. She writes the most gorgeous and lovely and amazing stuff and you must read it all. 
8. time4moxie
When I say read every single story, I mean it. Read every single story, you won't be disappointed.
9. unfold

Beautiful. Her work is just incredible; highly recommended.

10. wendolf
Every single work of hers I've throughly enjoyed and loved. She's so great.