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I've recently fallen back into the Jim/Pam universe during a series of sleepless nights and for some reason that combination spawned like, a thousand ideas for stories. I hope there are still a few people around to read them!

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Favorite Authors
1. Annabel Winslow
2. Corking
3. Talkative
Practically perfect in every way. I love her Pam--quietly strong, always gaining confidence--and her version of Jim--a complete sex God who is made nervous by everyone's favorite mousy receptionist. Read everything she's written, you won't be sorry.
4. unfold
I'm not even halfway through all of her stories and the fact that I could barely force myself to stop reading to write this might just say it all. Such a good range between angst and stolen moments and out in the open moments and future happiness...ugh. I just don't have enough coherent words and WHY ARE YOU STILL READING THIS GO READ