Penname: msteapot Real name: Laura
Member Since: February 20, 2017


Student writer specializing in English Literature, French Language & Visual Arts.  Lover of the light. Looking for my Jim Halpert! 


Rating I'll Beta for: All of the above! (From K to MA)

Turn Around Time For One Chapter: 1-3 Days

I Can Help With: All dialects of English, punctuation and spelling, grammar/syntax, plot suggestions, in-depth editing, canon knowledge and show setting knowledge

Beta/Editing Experience:

What I can bring to your stories as your beta: I'm currently in school, specializing in English Literature and Language (aside from two other subjects, French and Visual Arts).  I have experience in Creative Writing and poetry. Aside from the technicalities, I have a love for Pam, Jim and the rest of the office. 

Stories/Topics I prefer not to beta: I'm not a fan of character bashing

I prefer to be contacted via: Email 

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