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I've been writing fanfiction for awhile now. Just recently discovered The Office and figured I'd try my hand at that as well.

At first I thought of having all my stories in the same universe, but then I had some AU ideas. So any stories that occur within a common universe will be in a given series.
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Reviews by warrior4

Theirs by Duchess Cupcake

Rated: M • 15 Reviews14

What will Pam and Jim take to remember the other when Jim goes to Stamford? And who will influence their separation along the way? And why am I feeling the need for some angsty-ness?

Starts out between Season 2/3 

Reviewer: warrior4 Signed 1
Date: December 14, 2018 Title: Chapter 5: His I

I liked this one. Getting a new perspective on some of the Teapot Bonus Gifts as well as other things Jim collects. Getting a glimpse into Jim's mindset was good too. Looking forward to your next update.

Author's Response: Thanks, Warrior! There will be more getting into Jim's head in the next chapter as well. Glad you liked it, and, as always, thanks for the feedback!

The story of us by Theofficeaesthetics

Rated: T • 1 Reviews
Summary: Jim describes the journey to have Pam. A romantic, sad love story. 
Reviewer: warrior4 Signed
Date: October 05, 2018 Title: Chapter 1: The story of us.

Kind of hard to tell how I feel about this one. It's very angsty up until the last couple sentences then all of a sudden it turns around. I get this is Jim's internal thoughts, but it seems a little disjointed.

Not to say it's not an honest peak into Jim's head, because it clearly is and that part you did well.

Some Mornings by Duchess Cupcake

Rated: M • 4 Reviews7
Summary: Some mornings are different than others for Pam and Jim. Plotless fluff. Set against seasons 4, 5, & 6.
Reviewer: warrior4 Signed 1
Date: October 04, 2018 Title: Chapter 1: Some Mornings

This was all so very sweet. Seeing the progression of their relationship like this was wonderful to see. I liked how even though they're now fully a couple, hints of the past are still there, but they've gotten past them. Very good.

Author's Response: Thanks, Warrior! Yeah, I think there will always be hints of the past for these two but it makes a rich history, right? Thanks for your nice review.

Stronger Than You Think by Beeslyandhalpert

Rated: MA • 1 Reviews

Pam finally opens up to Jim after the unthinkable happens. 

I changed up the timeline a bit for this story. It’s as if Pam was painting the mural in the warehouse at the beginning stages of their relationship so they’re engaged but not married so obviously Cece hasn’t been born yet. 

I’m not great at summaries but please give it a chance

Content Warning: non-graphic discussion/mention of rape

Reviewer: warrior4 Signed
Date: October 14, 2018 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

First the technical part of the review. In general one should start a new paragraph when someone new starts talking. Makes it easier for the read to know when someone new is talking. Likewise there are some grammar issues that can be improved to make it easier for the reader as well. Here's an example from this story.

"Pam" he breathed out, a few more tears falling down his cheeks "my god, Pam. I'm so sorry" he whispered as he let go of her hands so he could wrap her up in a tight hug.

Grammatically correct, to the best of my knowledge, it should be typed thusly. "Pam," he breathed out, a few more tears falling down his cheeks. "My god, Pam. I'm so sorry," he whispered as he let go of her hands so he could wrap her up in a tight hug.

A subtle difference, but it makes it easier to read. A few things that can help in the future is to have someone proofread for you, or there's grammar software you can download to help out as well.

Content, it's a very powerful story. Sexual assault is always a very charged subject. I applaud how you wrote Pam's courage to talk about it as well as Jim's support for her. That's not an easy tone to convey, but you were able to so from how I read your story.

The Schrutes of the Corn by WishYouWould

Rated: K • 5 Reviews14

My submission to the 2018 Halloween contest!

Dwight has a haunted corn maze at Schrute Farms -- Jim and Pam decide to check it out. Set somewhere either pre-cameras or s1, not quite AU but not episode related either. 

halloween dundies

Reviewer: warrior4 Signed 1
Date: October 18, 2018 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Very cute but still with all the angsty heartache of the early Jim and Pam relationship. It was very cute to imagine Pam grabbing onto Jim's arm like that.

No Pain, No Gain by Rach3l

Rated: T • 13 Reviews21

Jim Halpert loves his wife. He loves his children. He doesn't love being a werewolf… but then, who would? 

Humbly submitted for the 2018 Halloween competition. 

halloween mods choice

halloween dundies

Reviewer: warrior4 Signed 1
Date: October 18, 2018 Title: Chapter 5: Chapter 5

I loved the digs about the twilight series. Any time someone roasts that thing my heart soars just a little more.

Great detail throughout. Once I warmed up to the idea it was actually quite fun. The Halpert family wolf pack was also quite fun to see too.

As You Wish by NobleLandMermaid

Rated: T • 8 Reviews11

Jim’s not much of a costume guy, but he has on occasion made exceptions…

A Halloween Fic set in Season 5, after the "Employee Transfer" cold opener, with high school flashbacks (because who doesn't love that?!)

Note: not eligible for prizes in our Halloween contest, just writing for fun!

Reviewer: warrior4 Signed 1
Date: October 20, 2018 Title: Chapter 1: All Righty Then

This already looks promising. Can't wait to see where you go with it. Lots of fun to remember Pam's costume from her Pratt days as well as Jim's penchant for minimalism. I will admit I'm more looking forward to the scenes from high school though. Always lots of fun to play around with younger versions of the characters.

Author's Response: Yes, agreed writing high school Jim and Pam is fun, thanks for your comment!

Reviewer: warrior4 Signed 1
Date: October 31, 2018 Title: Chapter 2: Paper Faces on Parade

Oh lots of fun with this one. Jim's reaction at the end was great. I've got a feeling as to what's coming next. I'm sure it'll be another fun chapter. Really liking this story.

Practical Magic by Coley

Rated: MA • 20 Reviews31

Pam wants to dress up for Halloween. Jim doesn't. What else is she supposed to do? 

Submitted for the 2018 Halloween Contest! 

halloween readers choice

halloween dundies

Reviewer: warrior4 Signed 1
Date: October 25, 2018 Title: Chapter 1: Spellbound

Oh wow. This is going to be fun. I love their banter here. The characterization is down solid. I love seeing this little devious side of Pam. Jim too is quite fun. That you have them daring each other like this is a very interesting twist. Can't wait to see where this leads.

Author's Response: Thank you! I was hoping the banter would work so I'm really glad to hear it did. 

Reviewer: warrior4 Signed
Date: October 27, 2018 Title: Chapter 2: Bewitched

They are so good at playing off (with?) each other. I really like how you're still having them have fun with each other like this. Can't wait to see what's in store.

Author's Response: I have to admit, I had a blast writing this story so I'm glad the fun is showing through. As always, thanks for reading and taking the time to comment! 

Reviewer: warrior4 Signed
Date: October 28, 2018 Title: Chapter 3: Charmed

Still all very cute and sweet. Lots of fun descriptions and very fluffy too.

Author's Response: I mean, what fun are Jim and Pam if they aren't cute and sweet? I don't want to find out. 

Reviewer: warrior4 Signed 1
Date: October 29, 2018 Title: Chapter 4: Hexed

I liked the change of pace with this chapter. Yes all the sexiness and teasing in the last few chapters has been fun. However it's good to remember there's more to Jim and Pam than just being fun and flirtatious.

Adding in some of Jim and Pam's backstory was great too. It grounds the characters more. Nice to see them reconnect like this, especially after everything else you've had them go through. Can't wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: Thank you! I was really hoping the shift in tone wouldn't be too jarring but I felt like I needed to get some substance in there before getting to the really good stuff. I'm glad it worked!

Reviewer: warrior4 Signed 1
Date: October 30, 2018 Title: Chapter 5: Black-Magicked

First off, and let me be 100% clear here. HOLY MOLEY COLEY!! Here, take all the jellybeans. That was quite the ride. Funny, devious, sexy as hell. Well done you.

Second, I like Jim's Clark Kent costume idea. Great minds must think alike since I'm pretty sure there's another Halloween fic in this contest that has Jim saying he'll use that idea. Now if I could only remember who wrote that one. Hmmm...I'll get back to you on it.

A peanut butter cups. My second favorite candy in general but my number one favorite candy to get while at work. Though for myself I prefer regular to holiday shapes. Better ratio or chocolate to peaunt butter in my opinion.

Looking forward to the last chapter and seeing what costume Pam has in store of Jim.

Author's Response:

Oh gosh, I didn’t even realize he both picked Clark Kent! I guess there’s only so many basic costumes for a tall and gangly guy who doesn’t do Halloween, huh?

Peanut butter cups are a classic - you can’t ever go wrong with them and personally, I think the world is a better place because of them.


I’m so happy you liked this chapter! I knew it might be a slight stretch character wise but well, I had too much fun writing to cut any of it out! 

Reviewer: warrior4 Signed
Date: October 31, 2018 Title: Chapter 6: Enchanted

Okay, you're right. Being a guy I didn't get Jim's costume right away either. But that was quickly clarified. Very cute way to wrap up. A little meta, but still fun. After all the teasing and tormenting, they're still Jim and Pam. One of the best couples and you wrote them at their best. Great way to wrap up this tale. Thank you for sharing it.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for following along and reviewing the whole way! I have to admit, I’m a sucker for meta and just couldn’t help myself :)

Spooky Secrets by funkyfresh

Rated: T • 4 Reviews6

Dwight's epic Halloween prank ends quite well for everyone's favorite couple! A submission for the 2018 Halloween Contest:)

halloween dundies

Reviewer: warrior4 Signed 1
Date: October 29, 2018 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

This was fun. I liked how Dwight's plan backfired like this. A very novel way to get them together as well. I also really liked this take on Jim's simple costumes. Rather than how is normally portrayed he's given some thought into a quick yet creative costume. Well done. I like it.

Haunting Familiarity by Pan_cake_Cats

Rated: T • 4 Reviews2

My entry for the Halloween Contest :) 

Jim and Pam meet at a college Halloween party. 

halloween dundies

Reviewer: warrior4 Signed
Date: October 30, 2018 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Short cute and sweet. I like how Jim and Pam just naturally gravitate to each other. Pam in a poodle skirt and Jim the Sim is a really cute idea.

A few editing things to watch out for. Proper nouns needing capitilzation like Halloween and Sims. Start of sentences needing capitilzation as well. A good strategy I use is that when I finish writing a chapter I don't post it right away. I'll leave it alone then come back to it. I catch a lot of things like that.

Still this was fun.

Author's Response:

Thanks W4, I can always count on you :). I usually try to leave it and read it again later, but I am running out of time (argh) with homework and other life things (also I am exhausted) . I think I fixed them all. My friend plays soo much Sims that's where I got the idea, and I was trying to think of costumes that Pam could wear her iconic white Keds with. Thanks for reading and reviewing <3. See you in the next chat 


The Haunting of Halpert House by nqllisi

Rated: MA • 7 Reviews9

Jim Halpert took the job in Maryland after "Halloween" in season 2. He's back in town, on Halloween. 

halloween dundies

Reviewer: warrior4 Signed
Date: October 31, 2018 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Sad to think things might have turned out like that. Still appropriate for a Halloween fic even if it's not the typical JAM most people tend to like.

Author's Response: Thank lady for commenting! I’ve written 80+ fix’s for this site and you’re right— most of them are a lot fluffier and more fun than this (I would love you to check some of them out). But it is The night for darkness... Happy Halloween!

Life's No Fun Without a Good Scare by Duchess Cupcake

Rated: M • 6 Reviews12

Submitted for the 2018 Halloween competition

Jim listens to Pam ask the kids to put on their shoes, remind them to get their folders from the homework basket, inquire if they remembered to put a snack in their backpacks. Since October 2007 (before that, if he’s really honest with himself) Halloween has never been ‘just another day’ with Pam, but here she is in 2018 with no costume, no theme, and no expectations of him. He’s left feeling unsettled and...more than a little disappointed. 

readers choice runner up


halloween dundies

Reviewer: warrior4 Signed 1
Date: November 01, 2018 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

This was great fun with just so much going on. Jim being there for Pam. Gooey married fluff. Jim and Pam actually becoming JAM. Great call back to the simple costumes Jim's had in the past. Nice steamy moments too.

Great job.

Author's Response: Thanks, Warrior! Gooey married fluff is my favorite so I am sucker for it. I'm glad you liked it. Thank you for the kind review!

House Call by Coley

Rated: MA • 6 Reviews12
Summary: Jim calls in sick to work.
Reviewer: warrior4 Signed 1
Date: November 03, 2018 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

When I saw the dedication of this story, it made me start grinning right away. I love the transition Pam made from embarrassed to "I need to get to Jim's right now." Very vivid and descriptive. Well done you.

Author's Response: Haha, thank you! It was a lot of fun to write, even if I was shaking my head at myself the entire time. Someone had to do it, though, right?

Hello My Old Heart New! by Duchess Cupcake

Rated: M • 76 Reviews56
Summary: “Karen, I don’t even have his phone number. It’s been four years since we last saw each other. When we broke up.” Pam emphasizes this last part as if Karen needs the reminder of her best friend’s personal history. “It’s not like… Look, I’m not going to fall in love with him again.”  
Reviewer: warrior4 Signed
Date: November 09, 2018 Title: Chapter 1: Somebody that I used to know

Normally I don't go for the Jim and Pam broke up but then get back together kind of story. I'm kind of a traditionalist like that. That being said this was well written. Good story dynamics and vivid descriptions. Bearded Jim for example. Lots of questions remain. What happened in Philly that made them break up? In four years did Jim break up with Pam, get married, get divorced, and now also be ready to get back with Pam? Interesting play on Karen's character too. She's still got the attitude from canon. However now as Pam's friend rather than rival it could make for an interesting dynamic.

Author's Response:

Hey Warrior! Hope all is well and everyone is getting sleep when they can! 

Yeah, I get it. There are some plot devices/genres in fandoms that just don’t speak to me, no matter what OTP is featured. Thanks for taking the time to read it, especially since this isn’t a topic you usually dig. 

I do have plans that answer all of your questions. But, yeah, Jim and Pam made some bad decisions in their four years apart that probably have a lot to do with each other more than they will ever admit.

And I’m a big karen fan. I’ve got too many thoughts about how she could have been a good friend to Pam so I wanted the chance to show her in that light here. But keep in mind this IS primarily AU so characterizations (even of Pam and Jim) will shift a bit to fit the world around without (hopefully) losing too much of themselves.

Reviewer: warrior4 Signed
Date: November 20, 2018 Title: Chapter 2: You know by now that we will meet again

So some questions are answered, other are hinted at. Pam's emotions are rolling in this one. I'm sure the rest of the journey will be just as up and down. However I did like the lines from "The Job" you put in there. Nice throwback.

Author's Response: Hey W4! Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, the whole story has a lot of rolling emotions and I'm a big fan of the ups and downs that end with ups. :D I'm glad that throwback worked for you! Thanks for that. 

Reviewer: warrior4 Signed
Date: April 07, 2019 Title: Chapter 3: You'll never beat but you'll never break

Wow, so yeah, that was a chapter that made up for the long delay. You're right, this is on the angsty side. The flashback scenes, showing how Jim and Pam were drifting apart was a slow kind of burn. Then the end of the date. Considering everything that happened, yeah it makes sense that Pam would be so hesitant about him.

Jim, come on man, put down the damn phone! Use all those people skills of yours, get over yourself, and pay attention to her.

Hope to see a new update soon.

Author's Response: Thanks for your review, Warrior! Yes, that slow drift apart was kind of painful. I think (*hope*) Jim redeems himself in the next chapter. Crossing fingers it doesn't take me as long between posting chapters. :) Thanks again!

Reviewer: warrior4 Signed 1
Date: May 07, 2019 Title: Chapter 4: Give me eyes in the moon of blindness

Ahhhh, that was a welcome relief after all the angstyness of the previous chapters. I mean clearly, if they are going to get back together (and I'm hoping you're going to go that route), they still have a lot to figure out. However the flashback and Jim showing up were very great to see.

I loved how in the flash back Jim's so supportive of her. Yes, he could have and probably should have been more honest about her about the golf outing with her Dad, but I can see where he was coming from. She was already stressed out and telling her all that would have led to more stress. However with all the craziness that ensued with Michael and all, it was very nice to see him doing his best to take care of her like that.

Then when he shows up with the pancakes after the "date." Nice touch. He realized he'd been an ass and has the wherewithal to tell her that. Then when she let's him in, it's nice to see elements from their old relationship alongside her new paintings and the like. They still know each other so well and clearly still have feelings for each other. Hopefully time will have taught them to be more open with each other. Nice break to get some of Jim's POV here too. Great update.

Author's Response: Thanks, Warrior! This is a really thorough review; I appreciate that so much. I'm glad to hear you get how complicated that situation is for Jim. And glad to hear he's redeemed himself a bit. :) Thanks for pointing that out. Oh, and I agree; this was so much easier to write that that last angsty chapter. Thanks for your comments. 

Reviewer: warrior4 Signed
Date: June 04, 2019 Title: Chapter 5: Bask in the glory of all our problems

So that was a bit of a roller coaster. There they are having a nice night, when then all of a sudden all sorts of awkwardness. Great writing to bring out all those emotions. I was kinda hoping that there at the end Jim would rush back up the stairs and kiss her senseless. Still kind of hoping for a scene like that to be honest. Thanks for the update.

Author's Response: Warrior, it's like you read my mind. Several times I thought about Jim running up those stairs and kissing her (senseless; that's a great way to put it) but it wasn't meant to be in this scene. Thanks for your kind words about this chapter. I hope you'll like where the rest of the story goes. 

Reviewer: warrior4 Signed
Date: June 16, 2019 Title: Chapter 6: When your eyes meet mine I lose simple skills

Okay, so yes that did take a while to get through. Interesting to see how Jim and Pam "got over" each other like that. My heart breaks for both of them that that's how they would think they needed to get over each other.

Getting into the non-flashback scenes. Pam needs to listen to Karen about Jim. Wow, that's not a sentence I ever thought I would type. Anyway it still holds true. The biggest problem Jim and Pam have ever had is they have always had a hard time really communicating with each other. It kept them apart Seasons 1-3 and reared its head again in Season 9. When they both finally pulled their heads out of their asses and swallowed their pride, led to some of the best JAM scenes of the show. I get the feeling that's what's happening here. Even after so long apart, their feelings for each other haven't gone away. They can still banter with each other which is fun to see. Good on Pam for calling and texting him. I get why she's be insecure especially seeing how supposedly successful Jim is now. However, it seems she's kind of gotten over that, at least a little, and is continuing the movement they had after the Chinese food eating time in her apartment. Things like that soothes some of the ache my JAM loving heart went through with those two flashbacks.

Author's Response: Thanks for this, Warrior! I was hoping to get some balance here between those crushing flashbacks and their attempts to move forward. I'm glad that's working! Thank you for your kind words.