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Contrapuntal Melodies by Vampiric Blood

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Jazzfan and I have decided to do a riff on Sally_Halpert’s challenge over in the forums.  She wrote:

The Random Song Prompt
Switch your ipod on. Put it on shuffle. Write down the first ten song titles. Write a scene for each song... GO!

The random part didn’t work so well for me.  I kept getting classical pieces; Celtic pieces; songs that wouldn’t, couldn’t work in a million years.  So I decided to just think about songs that spoke to me about Pam and Jim.  I asked jazz if she’d like to do this with me and was very excited that she agreed! 

So we’re writing a series of one-shots, using the following guidelines:

  1. One of us chooses a song as inspiration and writes a vignette from Pam or Jim’s point of view.
  2. The other then must write the accompanying half of the one-shot so that it meshes with both the song AND the content of the first half.

Hence, the title of our little joint endeavor:  Contrapuntal Melodies.  Counterpoint is defined as the technique of combining two or more melodic lines in such a way that they establish a harmonic relationship while retaining their linear individuality.*  That’s exactly what we’re trying to do!

So, having now written the first story, I can say this is turning out to be just as much fun as I expected.  Jazzfan has always been one of my favorite betas and this back and forth meshing our halves of the one-shot into a fluid story has been a cool endeavor.

So, while we’re not promising ten stories, I hope you enjoy reading as much as were enjoying the writing…

- Vampiric Blood

As for my part in this intro, "what she said" except that I feel an urgent and unsupressable need to mention that I highly resent VB constantly correcting my misspiellings  and mispunctuatables; and going on and on and on about my clunky run on too wordy with the wrong words sentences.  The nerve of her.  That said, this has been fun for us and I hope people enjoy reading.

- jazzfan

Um, hey, jazz?  I’m basking in the glorious length of that there first sentence.  ;-)


*The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition, Copyright © 2009 by Houghton Mifflin Company.

…let’s celebrate birthday month in style today. by Vampiric Blood

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The writers who post stories on the MTT archive are blessed with many wonderful reader/reviewers.  We thrive on the feedback that you give us.  We receive no payment for the hours we spend writing, revising, doing beta reviews for other writers.  Most of us hold our breath a bit as we click the submit button and watch our story post to the Most Recent page.  And we wait for reviews, for that feedback that tells us whether or not we got it right.  Unless you’ve posted a story, there’s no way to describe how nerve-wracking it is to watch the read count go up, up, up with no reviews.

So readers who take the time to give us feedback are near and dear to our hearts.  Among the nearest and dearest is NanReg.  Nancy is not only one of the most prolific reviewers on the archive, she also makes a point of leaving meaningful reviews.  She nearly always takes the time to point out very specifically the passages that spoke to her … that were spot on in character … funny … sad … sexy (she LOVES sexy!) 

Nancy is like a one-woman MTT Welcome Wagon.  She encourages first time posters to continue to explore this new avocation.  Even though her profile says she’s not a beta reader, she has done so for several authors, especially new ones who are too intimidated to ask an “established writer” to read their work.

Nancy reaches out to writers directly by PMing them in addition to leaving reviews on their stories.  Sometimes to say something that might be too personal to leave in a public review.  Sometimes to send a hopeful kick in the pants to get a story going again.  Sometimes just to say, “Hey.”

As I look at what I’ve written, it sort of falls flat.  It’s hard to explain in a few words all Nancy does that endears her to MTT authors.  Suffice it to say she’s the captain of the cheerleading squad and we love her.

A few months ago, Nancy let slip on the message boards that May 1st is her birthday.  So, as a thank you to her for her unfailing support over the years, a bunch of us have written a birthday story in her honor.  In fact, a number of authors have “come out of retirement” to add a story to this series – what a testament to the regard they have for her! 

So far, twenty-four authors have volunteered to write a story for Nancy!  Unless “real life” interferes (as it sometimes does!) here is the list of the authors who are posting stories in this series:
andtheivy                            Annabel Winslow                             Beeswax
bkwrm                                Carbondalien                                   Deedldee
GodinthisChilis                     Guten Tag                                      JAMhands
Jazzfan                               JHalpert                                         lovefool
MilkandSugar                       Mr Bill                                             nomadshan
Nqlisi                                            Shootingstars
Stablergirl                            Steph                                             Sweetpea
Vampiric Blood                    Wendolf                                          Yanana

So, Nancy … a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY and THANK YOU from all of us to you!