Penname: alittlestitious2 Real name: Hatty
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I'm here for the same reason as everyone else... To celebrate T.V's greatest couple of all time! I will happily fight anyone who disagrees... 

Beta-Reader Status
Ratings I'll Beta for: K  K+  T  M  MA
Turn Around Time for 1 Chapter: 4-7 Days (depending on what my week looks like...)

I Can Help With: |Other English Dialects (I'm British)| Punctuation & Spelling | Grammar | Plot Suggestions | In-depth editing | Show Canon Knowledge |

Editing Experience: I proof read people's job/university applications and make creative suggestions.

 What can I bring to your stories as your beta: I'm a Brit currently living in London, so if anyone wants an injection of British ~vibe~ or wit, then I'm your girl! I've also traveled Europe a lot, so if any Dunder Mifflinite was to take a holiday there, I could help with that too. My writing style tends to use quite a lot of imagery, so there's potential for me to add that in for you if you feel your piece could be improved in that way. That being said, I'm happy to help with anything you need. I'm not afraid to help you write "darker" fics either.

Stories/Topics I prefer not to beta: I'll do anything, but I'm definitely a  die-hard Jammer. However, I am certainly up for the challenge of maybe explaining why characters made misguided decisions in the past.

I preferred to be contacted via: email:

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