Penname: shutterbug Real name: Pam
Member Since: February 25, 2017


Fun Facts: 

1. I refused to watch the Office for the longest time because I'm actually from Scranton. When strangers learned this about me, they'd always say, "Oh, like the Office!" And I'd roll my eyes and respond, "Yes, like the Office." But I finally started watching, and couldn't stop, and here I am.

2. Not only am I from Scranton, but my name is Pam. I have to say, it's sometimes weird writing about a character with my name.

3. My undergrad degree was in English and Theatre. I also have a J.D., but I'm not practicing law right now.

4. I work in fundraising at a nonprofit organization that supports education, community, and the arts.

 5. Other than writing, I enjoy: hockey, hiking (especially with my husky), practicing mindfulness and meditation, cooking, and drinking tea.

 About My Writing:

1. I really appreciate feedback, whether it's just "this is great, I loved it," or constructive but kind criticism.  

2. You can always reach out privately if you'd like to engage me in a longer discussion of my work, your work, plot bunnies, characterizations, or just want to say hi, etc. I really like the interactive components of fandom.  

 I was worried that I wouldn't find anyone left in the fandom since I arrived here so late. Glad I was wrong. Thanks for reading and being a part of the fandom. 

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