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I'm am COMPLETELY new at this fanific writing. But I love Jim and Pam too much for them not to be fictionally (fictionally) together. I'm not the best at this. So here goes nothing.
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Stories by JamGirl

You Were Made to Go Out and Get Her by JamGirl

Rated: K • 51 Reviews18
Summary: Jim Halpert was made for Pam Beesley. Literally.

Save Tonight by JamGirl

Rated: T • 10 Reviews4

Here is my wishful thinking/output to get rid of my depression based on the season finale. It cheered me up writing it, and I hope you find it does the same for you. Enjoy!

Also, I would like to thank EllaBella for being my beta (and quick to respond too)!

You're My Best Friend by JamGirl

Rated: K • 5 Reviews

This little ditty came about after/while listening to the song "You're My Best Friend" by Queen. I had an epiphery and had to write this. This was also stemmed by the promo for this weeks episode.

Pam makes an effort to get Jim back.

It's 3am by JamGirl

Rated: K • 22 Reviews5

Obviously a response to the Sleepless in Scranton challange, no one responded and I felt bad, so here's my attempt.

It's 3am, what is going on in the lives of our favorite Dunder Mifflinites?

The Moment Jim Realizes He Is Still In Love With Pam by JamGirl

Rated: K+ • 6 Reviews6

Random fluff. I was bored. And that's all there is to know. This is set probably in April. It's far enough in the future that the writers can take some hints and, you know.

*Update* Some stuff was fixed/changed. Different ending. Please re-read and review.

A Good Year by JamGirl

Rated: K+ • 10 Reviews11
Summary: Picks up after the Merger, January 2007 to be exact. Will our heroes get together? Overall about 12 chapters, one per month. Let me know how I'm doing, this is the first fic I've ever done.