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Summary: Michael and Holly arrive in Boulder, Colorado, to begin their new life together - but it's only as new as their oldest burdens. Stuck between overbearing parents, abusive exes, and new jobs that just don't compare, the two of them struggle to get to their future while enjoying where they are.
Recommended by: Littlekidlover1725
Recommender's comments: This story is sooooooo good. It’s about Michael and Holly, and this site is severely lacking in stories about everyone’s favorite soupsnakes, especially after they move to Colorado. Almost everything they do in this story makes sense for their established character, and it has some pretty great OCs too. Fair warning, it is 100 chapters, and 200k+ words, but it’s definitely worth reading.
Categories: Other
Characters: Holly, Michael, Michael/Holly
Genres: None
Warnings: Possible Triggers
Completed: No
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