Penname: Maxine Abbott Real name: Beth
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Once upon a long time ago, I discovered my love for writing. As a child I began setting pieces of my imagination to paper. In my teens, I wrote short stories when I wasn’t busy writing school papers. Post college, I began writing the “Great American Novel,” but got sidetracked when copywriting officially became part of my advertising job. When marketing and research became my profession and my boyfriend became my husband, the bulk of my writing consisted of sell sheets and wedding thank you notes. The birth of my two kids and my own small business saw me writing more emails to clients, letters to teachers and grocery lists than anything else. Now working as a graphic designer, the copy I typeset is not even written by me. In short, I’ve been distracted from my own creative writing for quite some time. Who would think it would be a quarantine and The Office that would draw me back in? When COVID-19 grounded us at home, my teenage son and I binged through The Office (I’d never seen it before) and I fell in love with JAM. Having felt “cheated” out of a whole chunk of the Pam/Jim story between seasons 3 and 4, I sought out Fan Fiction to fill in the gaps, and while I loved the stories I found, none of them quite matched what was floating around in my head. So, after a very long hiatus, I finally took pen to paper again (it really did begin with one of my son’s unused composition books) and here I am. Now re-acquainted with my past love, writing has become part of life once more.  May we never lose each other again.

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