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I'm a 25 year old male with too much time on my hands right now.  Love TO and JAM, golf, hunting, fishing, trivia games, and many more things.

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Just a little idea I had after the finale...I hope I'm not doing something that someone else did.

I don't own any of these characters, the show, or anything do with the show besides the S1-3 DVDs.  All characters are property of their respective owners and no copyright infringement is intended.

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[Report This] Published: May 18, 2008 Updated: May 18, 2008

Jim Halpert takes a journey through his own personal inferno with a little help from the characters we know and love (or hate).  Will it lead to paradise and a reunion with Pam, or will he be sidetracked along the way?

A takeoff of the classic Dante Alighieri work The Divine Comedy.

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[Report This] Published: December 02, 2007 Updated: March 25, 2008

The Office is struck by a terrible tragedy...can Pennsylvania Halpert save the day?  Based very loosely on the Indiana Jones series, but mostly on jokes collected from hours and days and weeks of JAM therapy. :D

Pretty sure this would qualify as Bad!fic, so don't expect a literary masterpiece.  lol

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[Report This] Published: February 02, 2008 Updated: March 23, 2008

Her first day at Dunder Mifflin wasn't the first time they'd met.  Mostly AU with perhaps a bit of S2 or S3-related stuff...I haven't really planned it out yet though.  Oh, and the title of the story is also the title of an old Zombies song.

Also, I'm new to this stuff so if I've mislabeled anything, please let me know!  I don't even know what most of the labels mean. :-S

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[Report This] Published: October 14, 2007 Updated: October 21, 2007