Penname: variella Real name: lee b
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20-something fangirl; I've only really had two other fandoms (X-Files and House MD) so I tend to be pretty loyal to my 'ships.

Obviously JAM is my number one interest on The Office, but I also enjoy Jim/Katy, Jim/Karen, and Pam/Roy for the insights into Jim and Pam they provide. Kelly/Ryan and Michael/Jan are interesting too- but I really only have time for one main interest on the show, so JAM it is!

Love reading well-written fic (which this site is a treasure trove of) and tend to leave somewhat analytical reviews- a remainder from writing for a literary criticism magazine. I do intend it to be of interest to the author though because from the few fics I've written I enjoyed getting meaty feedback more than 'OMG totes awesome BUT WRITE MOAR!!1!' reviews :)

If I move from writing House!fic to writing JAM!fic, I'll be sure to share it; everyone here is fantastic and I'd love to contribute.

Oh, if anyone is looking for a beta (grammar, flow of the story, character development), ask away!

I use the same username on LJ and Metafilter, I'm on Reddit under occidental_inkling.

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