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Stories by yanana

Nine to Five by yanana

Rated: M • 12 Reviews6
Summary: We need to fill in some blanks for episode 7.16. And since no one else is taking the reins, I see...

Febrility by yanana

Rated: M • 131 Reviews46
Summary: febrility (n.) - a rise in the temperature of the body.

Somewhere in January 2007, season three.

Directions by yanana

Rated: M • 23 Reviews22
Summary: I was doing the next chapter of Febrility and this happened instead. Oops.

The one thing I wanted the most of by yanana

Rated: M • 8 Reviews5
Summary: I guess it's a companion piece to And All the Rules That Come With It that I wrote a while ago. Here's Pam's side.

Songs that you came up with by yanana

Rated: M • 14 Reviews10
Summary: Nothing, really, just a small collection of things. Not really a story or anything. Seriously, why am I always writing about them doing this?

Two by yanana

Rated: M • 108 Reviews48
Summary: Begins the night of the episode, the Job. A bump in the road for Jim and Pam now that they're finally together.

Blush/Cringe by yanana

Rated: M • 11 Reviews5
Summary: just some stuff set around season four.

Photography by yanana Past Featured Story

Rated: M • 21 Reviews11
Summary: I really didn't mean for it to end up this long... But I sat down to write it out and it just all happened so fast! NanReg, I know you love your first date fics, so... Happy birthday, lady. :)

Six Weeks by yanana Past Featured Story

Rated: MA • 26 Reviews16
Summary: Had to follow up the "Money" call-back in "Secretary's Day," obviously. And don't think that "six weeks" comment in the deleted scene got by this girl!

Drought by yanana

Rated: M • 16 Reviews8
Summary: Pam waits for it to rain. A quick rundown (ha) of their first week dating.

Apple by yanana

Rated: MA • 12 Reviews4
Summary: Does anyone remember New York? I've been working an epilogue into it for some time and decided to make it a oneshot, since I like the way that story ended. It started out as a oneshot before I connected it to that story, so if you would have preferred a more satisfying ending, hopefully this will do.

babytimes by yanana Past Featured Story

Rated: M • 170 Reviews42
Summary: These are meaningless, short and simple ways for me to pass the time. Most of these have been sitting on the hard drive I've been cleaning out for the past couple of weeks (slowly but surely). Just pregnant Pam and baby fluff. They were all labeled "babytimes01.txt" on my computer, hence the name. Just vignettes, not necessarily chapters in order, and the rating is caution for later. Spoilers for the Delivery in the last chapter.

Introductions and Things Like That by yanana

Rated: T • 12 Reviews6
Summary: Spoilers for the Delivery. Ever heard of it?

Consequences of a Workday Birthday by yanana

Rated: K • 14 Reviews7
Summary: A companion piece, I guess, to Consequences of an Open Bar, the little Michael piece I did before "Niagara." There are no spoilers, just speculation, for the birth episode in this one.

Secret Office Romances by yanana

Rated: M • 11 Reviews7
Summary: "Have you heard anything about any secret office romances?" "You tell me. What -- you do mean you and Jim, right?" Spoilers for season two. Email Surveillance ends up differently. Lame title, I know.

January by yanana

Rated: T • 14 Reviews8
Summary: I promised myself I would never write something like this, because I'd end up near tears. Well, check and check. At least, true to my weak side, there's always a happy ending in my stories...

This one is kind of stupid and contrived, yes, but still. Had to get it out of my system.

New York by yanana Past Featured Story

Rated: M • 55 Reviews28
Summary: Season two angst? Yes, please! A retake on "Boys and Girls" from season two, had no cameras been present. So, spoilers for that, obviously.

And All the Rules That Come With It by yanana

Rated: M • 13 Reviews9
Summary: Did you know that one year ago I wrote my first story on the archive? Yep, Sunday was published on December fifth of last year. Crazy! And, ironically, it was babyfic. So this is my one-year anniversary present to you guys, haha. And, also babyfic. Shocker, right? Also my 25th story. So, here's to a year of staying up way too late and wasting obscene amounts of time! ;)

I'd Have to Blow My Brains Out by yanana

Rated: T • 15 Reviews14
Summary: My submission for the Taking a Chance over at alovesosexy. Re-doing "Halloween" from season two, how appropriate, eh? :) Also: I fixed the formatting in chapter five, sorry if it annoyed anyone as much as it did me!

Purple by yanana

Rated: MA • 17 Reviews12
Summary: I guess you could call this honeymoon smut. I'm such a classy girl.

the View from Down Here by yanana

Rated: K • 8 Reviews7
Summary: An idea that came to me a while ago, written months ago.

Look What I Can Do With My Feet by yanana

Rated: K • 13 Reviews7
Summary: Spoilers for an episode you may have heard of, Niagara.

the Honeymoon Gift by yanana

Rated: K • 16 Reviews10
Summary: Just something for the wedding excitement. I left out any spoilers or speculation for this one. Complete for now, but I might write a few more chapters if it strikes me. Rated K for now, but I'm sure if I end up writing more, the the rating will go up.

I'm aware that the title makes it sound like the gift would be, like, a vibrator or some kind of sex toy. It's not. I'm sorry.

Consequences of an Open Bar by yanana

Rated: T • 12 Reviews8
Summary: Something short and kind of stupid I wanted to get in quick before Thursday, it's been in my head for a few days trying to get out. Pretty sure there aren't any spoilers, though.

Chiffon like a Cloud by yanana

Rated: K • 15 Reviews9
Summary: Total fluff. I know, it's all that's coming out lately. Speculation based on spoilers for episode 6.04. Just some moments during a particular day for Jim and Pam.