Penname: NeverEnoughJam Real name: N. E. Jam
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Fanfic is a fun outlet for me after a long day at the office, but it's also a chance to work on some writing issues: character development, style, pacing. So thanks to anyone who gives me reviews!
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Stories by NeverEnoughJam

Enslaved by NeverEnoughJam

Rated: T • 16 Reviews7
Summary: Jim Halpert spends some quality time with the number one woman in his life.

Cham-pain by NeverEnoughJam

Rated: T • 4 Reviews3
Summary: Jim and Pam have been pranking Michael for years. Now, between the wedding and the honeymoon, karma pays them back. At the wedding reception, things begin to go very, very wrong....

Patience by NeverEnoughJam Past Featured Story

Rated: T • 25 Reviews12
Summary: Pam struggles with doubt and suspicion when Jim's behavior over the summer doesn't make sense.

Superheroes by NeverEnoughJam

Rated: K • 10 Reviews5

The Dunder Mifflin crew whiles away a lazy summer afternoon figuring out what superpowers they'd like to have. Pure summer fluff. No redeeming qualities whatsoever. For your amusement only. No spoilers, warnings, angst or drama.


Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Lullaby by NeverEnoughJam

Rated: T • 13 Reviews6
Summary: Remember when Jim and Pam went to Dwight's bed and breakfast? Here's a little bit more of the story of what happened that night, and why everyone was yawning the next day.

Breathe by NeverEnoughJam

Rated: T • 13 Reviews3

Jim has a nightmare. Pam comforts him.


Sunny by NeverEnoughJam

Rated: T • 52 Reviews16

The new cleaning lady at Dunder-Mifflin writes home to tell about the zoo she sees every day.

Butterfly by NeverEnoughJam

Rated: T • 15 Reviews8
Summary: Fluffy enough to stuff pillows with. Jim thinks about the changes he and Pam are going through. Absolutely no angst.

Eclipse by NeverEnoughJam

Rated: T • 14 Reviews8
Summary: The moon, Pam, Jim and a sudden decision reached between them. Pure, unadulterated fluff inspired by last night's lunar eclipse.

DunderHeads by NeverEnoughJam Past Featured Story

Rated: T • 26 Reviews7
Summary: A summer divertissement in nine innings. Team Dunder takes on organized softball and find themselves facing a familiar rival. This is set in the summer between seasons 3 and 4, after The Job and before Fun Run.

Positive by NeverEnoughJam

Rated: T • 5 Reviews1
Summary: As Michael notes in "Michael's Birthday", in the medical world a negative test is a good thing. But what if a test comes out positive? One Office character ponders a positive outcome that may have negative consequences.

Punker by NeverEnoughJam

Rated: T • 3 Reviews
Summary: This is a story written in response to the hiatusathon challenge. My challenge was: "Ryan and Todd Packer - set Sexual Harassment. Where did they go? Points for non-obvious locations like strip clubs." For those who don't remember the episode, salesman Todd Packer asks Michael to delegate someone to drive him around town, since Packer's license has been yanked for DUI. Michael chooses the extremely reluctant temp, Ryan, to be Packer's chauffer. Packer being who he is, boozing, belching, and bad behavior follow.

Third by NeverEnoughJam

Rated: K • 16 Reviews7
Summary: My answer to the 55 word challenge; how Jim and Pam got together, in 55 words or less.

Operations by NeverEnoughJam

Rated: K+ • 7 Reviews4
Summary: This is a crossover story between The Office and Scrubs. Spoilers through "The Return" in season 3 of The Office.

Compass by NeverEnoughJam

Rated: K • 12 Reviews6
Summary: Obligatory first date fic. Spoilers for S3 season finale.

ROYGBIV by NeverEnoughJam

Rated: T • 31 Reviews2

This is a collection of standalone short pieces linked only by the use of a color. The acronym ROYGBIV, in case anyone has forgotten high school optics, stands for Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet and describes the colors of a rainbow. None of these pieces is linked to another; they are not chapters in a story. I'm working on some character development/backstory ideas and thought they'd be fun to play with here.

Geometry by NeverEnoughJam

Rated: K • 7 Reviews1
Summary: An extended metaphor about Jim and Pam, nothing more. Just something that occurred to me while watching "The Negotiation".

Snowmen by NeverEnoughJam

Rated: K+ • 11 Reviews2
Summary: Pam didn't know what it was that Jim had loved in her last May. Maybe whatever it was, she didn't have it any more. But she'd sure as hell do her best to find out.

Everyday by NeverEnoughJam

Rated: K+ • 22 Reviews3
Summary: A day in the life of Jim Halpert, two years from now. Pure fluff, nothing substantive. Greg Daniels' worst nightmare: happy Jam.

Swaying by NeverEnoughJam

Rated: T • 21 Reviews6
Summary: Response to two challenges: Dancing!Pam, where Jim finds out that Pam is "a dorky dancer", and The Documentary Crew, where the crew tries to help Jim and Pam get together. Spoilers for "Diwali".

Chiaroscuro by NeverEnoughJam

Rated: K • 21 Reviews10
Summary: Pam sees her relationship with Jim through an artist's eye. Spoilers through "Business School".

Reservations by NeverEnoughJam

Rated: T • 7 Reviews1
Summary: Pam and Jim team up to make Valentine's Day memorable for Michael and Jan. Spoilers for "Phyllis' Wedding".

Homeless by NeverEnoughJam

Rated: T • 6 Reviews2
Summary: Roy doesn't know how to celebrate Valentine's Day without Pam.

Roses by NeverEnoughJam

Rated: K+ • 30 Reviews13
Summary: There's a reason Meredith gets drunk on Valentine's Day, and it's not the obvious one. Spoilers through "Phyllis' Wedding".

Rain by NeverEnoughJam

Rated: T • 25 Reviews7
Summary: Jim, Pam, and Joseph Conrad. Spoilers for Season Three.