Penname: Amalia Kensington Real name: Lex
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I've recently become an avid lover of The Office, and Jim/Pam in particular.

I'm interested in pretty much anything that has to do with them. ^_^

I do write, but only after I've done extensive reading in the fandom first, so don't expect anything from me for a while.

Other fandoms include (but not exclusive to) Alias; Veronica Mars; House MD; Lost, and other general televised debaucheries. 

Also, TWoP rocks my socks (marry me, Sars!).



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Stories by Amalia Kensington

Changing everything makes it the same by Amalia Kensington

Rated: K+ • 39 Reviews11

Jim and Pam are good buddies. Jim helps her with her two problems: work and Roy. But what if she didn't have those problems? What would happen if they didn't have Dunder Mifflin in common?

A/U story. Basically, fluff, friendship and...romance?  Spoilers for all seasons (sort of).

Maybe tomorrow by Amalia Kensington

Rated: K+ • 3 Reviews1
Summary: Sitting across from her boyfriend in metal folding chairs while they try to talk about the fact that he still had feelings for someone else was borderline ridiculous... Post "The Return"

7 Not-so-deadly Sins (that will still get you arrested) by Amalia Kensington

Rated: K+ • 7 Reviews
Summary: Seven things that might not seem so bad, but will still get you arrested in all 50 states (and most foreign countries).