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Stories by Identitytheftisntajokejim

Doodles by Identitytheftisntajokejim

Rated: M • 26 Reviews14
Summary: "Jim thinks they're good." AU from episode 1. Enjoy. 

6:14 PM by Identitytheftisntajokejim

Rated: K+ • 2 Reviews2
Summary: AU Season 5 Ep 5. "Say goodbye to this." Angela is torn. She loves Dwight but is engaged to Andy. Short one shot about a little plot bunny I got.

Scranton versus Stamford by Identitytheftisntajokejim

Rated: T • 6 Reviews5
Summary: What if Pam reached out before Jim came back to Scranton to clear the air? This is my take on AU Season 3. Pre Merger.