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Watched my first episode of the Office in 2019 (I know!) and never looked back.
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She wonders why it is so hard for her to be happy these days. She wonders why it takes her so long to fall asleep, and when she does she tosses around dreams of the office and Jell-O and Jim. She wonders why it has been so easy for her to ignore the swelling of her heart that makes it feel like her chest is going to explode. She wonders why her skin comes alive for Jim but never for Roy. And she wonders why it was so easy for her to nod and push him away, when she knows she should have just pulled him back in and let herself drown in him forever.

A response to the 'Pam in Stanford' challenge. Beginning on Casino Night (S2), this AU explores what would have happened if Pam transferred to Stamford instead of Jim. 

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“Are you free for dinner tonight?”

“Yes.” Her reply is immediate, eager, completely certain. He sees her, truly sees her, sees her eyes taking him in and her hands clenched in her lap and her hair the same way it has been every day that he has known her.

“Then it’s a date.” It is the most important thing in the world that he clarifies this last piece of information, that she knows what she is getting into. He is almost prepared to hear her recant, to take back her single syllable and tuck it away for someone else. But she doesn’t. 

Dear friends, may I present a short collection of events taking place during and after the events depicted in ‘The Job’ (S3) detailing Jim’s break-up with Karen and his first date with Pam. Get excited for some angsty monologuing from Jim, some indignant Karen and some super fluffy adorable first-date non-canon content.

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“We’re friends,” she says, and it is the only true thing she can bear to admit in this moment. The only true thing she thinks he could hear without being lost to her forever. “We’ll always be friends.”

Response to 'The Apartment' challenge. Set immediately after the events of 'The Merger' (S3), Jim changes his relationship status and moves into the apartment across the hallway from Pam. 

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