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I have major insomnia. Writing is better than most infomercials.
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Stories by Treble

Dunder Mifflin, This is Rose by Treble

Rated: K • 25 Reviews10

Crossover with Doctor Who and The Office. In her attempts to cross universes and get back to the Doctor, Rose Tyler ends up stuck in the parking lot of Dunder Mifflin around the time of Ben Franklin. A multi-reunion fic of sorts. Spoilers for the third season of The Office. For DW, not JE compliant but little spoilers for late series 4.

In which things get reunited and dry ice ATTACKS

The Tragic Demise of Casual Friday by Treble

Rated: K • 6 Reviews1

It all starts with fun jeans! in the garbage can and ends with Casual Friday dead by the third week of November, in the year of 2005. Also known as the most tragic prank Jim and Pam ever pulled.

Spoilers through The Client (season 2). The premise is that sometime after The Client casual Fridays were seemingly abolished, as we have now seen the gang in work clothes on Fridays a couple of times. This story attempts to explain what happened to put an end to Michael's beloved casual day.. I've been re-bitten by the writing bug so hopefully I can complete my unfinished stories before it runs out..

An Anniversary Away by Treble

Rated: K • 6 Reviews3

It happens in Washington Square Park, by the broken fountain that has flowers fighting through the concrete cracks. One shot. Karen centric.

(Title taken from the Reverie Sound Revue song. Excellent song and video: I haven't written or read anything in almost a year but this has been keeping me awake. Figured I better just get it out!

songs are only music by Treble

Rated: T • 7 Reviews3

This is a Pam POV, done through a mix CD she has made for herself. I started last December and have just finished writing out the next few chapters. It will be five chapters in all and I promise a happy ending.

Sorry or Please by Treble

Rated: T • 27 Reviews6
Summary: She’s irritated when it takes them almost a month to fully sort things out, all nervous glances and flushed cheeks. Last chapter!!

Karen POV on her exboyfriend, relationship with Jim, Jim/Pam, etc. Spoilers through Cocktails and speculation thereafter. Kind of AU.

New by Treble

Rated: K • 13 Reviews11

This is a Karen focused stream of conscious/pov on all things developing in Scranton... contains mild spoilers through The Convict. Since it is Karen centered right now it is mostly Jim/Karen focused, but clearly Pam is there too and will likely play a larger role in the future.