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Stories by proudgirl

Just Conversation by proudgirl

Rated: T • 8 Reviews8
Summary: Juxtaposition of two separate Jim and Pam moments shared with other people. Inspired by a spoiler for the next episode ("Diwali").

Like Hate by proudgirl

Rated: T • 25 Reviews22
Summary: A deceptively happy Jim/Karen. And, of course, a little bit of Pam thrown in there, because it'll always be about her.

Best by proudgirl

Rated: T • 11 Reviews12

What Jam's first moments might have been. Based off a spoiler from the Season 2 DVD.

Familiar by proudgirl Past Featured Story

Rated: T • 9 Reviews8
Summary: Response to Morning Angel's challenge "Conan in the Office."

Blue by proudgirl

Rated: K+ • 8 Reviews8
Summary: A colorful rehashing of THE KISS.

Sometimes Never by proudgirl

Rated: T • 17 Reviews17
Summary: A futuristic look at Jim and Pam. VERY angsty. Oneshot.

Sense by proudgirl Past Featured Story

Rated: T • 14 Reviews18
Summary: Jim's internal monologue from "Casino Night" and beyond. Includes the confession and kiss. Each chapter is set to one of the five senses.