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I'm MixedBerryJam on MTT Message Board and WildBerryJam on here. Hopefully that clears things up :)

Love to read, play tennis, write, watch movies/TV and hang out with my lovely friends. Feel free to e-mail me to beta because I love it almost as much as Jim/Pam!!

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Stories by WildBerryJam

10 Things I Hate About Scranton by WildBerryJam

Rated: T • 22 Reviews6

Not a literal translation, despite what the title suggests.

The revival of Movie Monday can only lead to misery—or at least, that’s what Pam believes—especially when Entourage is replaced with something a little more personal.

Things Keep Coming and I Keep Wondering by WildBerryJam

Rated: K+ • 10 Reviews3

Jim and Pam have a discussion at Schrute Farm and try to figure out where to sleep.

Spoilers from Money.

Dare You To Move by WildBerryJam

Rated: K+ • 31 Reviews12
Summary: Casino Night came and went but something unexpected changes everything. Title from the song by Switchfoot. Spoiler through Ben Franklin.

Rules of Relationships by WildBerryJam

Rated: K+ • 5 Reviews1

A short little vignette based on the so-called rules in a relationship.

The World Forgetting By The World Forgot by WildBerryJam

Rated: T • 18 Reviews4

Jim has loved Pam for so long, and has had enough heartbreak. There is only one thing he can do—have his memories erased of her. Inspired by the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Slightly spoilerish for season 3, and definite spoilers for Booze Cruise, Casino Night and any other season 2 episode.

Celebrating Seven by WildBerryJam, BeckySue

Rated: K+ • 8 Reviews1
Summary: The Office rallies together to plan Michael’s Blow Out of the Century before July, 7, 2007 approaches. Of course, Jim and Dwight go head to head, while the party planning committee takes their planning cues from none other than the genius behind the idea, Michael Scott.

An Unbreakable Code by WildBerryJam

Rated: K+ • 14 Reviews4

Angela notices something is different about Pam and talks to her about it.  Post the Job

She strolled (somewhat) casually over to Pam’s desk as she exited the interview and asked her about her smile.

No One Can Tell What The Future Holds by WildBerryJam

Rated: K • 1 Reviews
Summary: A drabble about what goes through Jim's mind during his interview with David. 

I Have a Concussion, What's Your Excuse? by WildBerryJam

Rated: T • 7 Reviews1

That moon-faced kid with a concussion has a conversation with "dad" (AKA Creed) Spoilers for The Injury.

The Days of Our Lives in Scranton by WildBerryJam

Rated: T • 12 Reviews2

The Jim/Pam storyline becomes a soap opera—literally. Response to the BADfic challenge.

Holidays with the Halperts by WildBerryJam

Rated: T • 2 Reviews1
Summary: Just a collection of holiday stories involving our favorite non-couple!

Creativity Takes Courage by WildBerryJam

Rated: K • 19 Reviews3
Summary: Courage and honesty were not her strong points but subtlety is. A series of moments that help explain Pam's art pieces. Spoilers through Business School

I've been having problems with posting my entire chapters so re-read the chapters to make sure you've gotten all of it. They should be fixed now... hopefuly!

Even Fancy Things Have Finally Lost Their Charm by WildBerryJam

Rated: T • 4 Reviews1
Summary: Jim and Pam make some changes in their lives.  Michael has a problem and needs to find some help.  Speculation for Cocktails.

It's All Coming Back by WildBerryJam

Rated: K • 2 Reviews
Summary: Jim & Pam try to overcome their problems.

Humming Songs To A Girl in the Yellow Dress by WildBerryJam

Rated: K • 19 Reviews7
Summary: Its the first day shes ever worn a dress to work, but somehow the change feels nice.

Do i have to fall asleep with roses in my hand? by WildBerryJam

Rated: K+ • 9 Reviews3
Summary: How Jim hates, and then begins to love mornings.

*I posted this yesterday but took it off and edited it*

Carry That Weight by WildBerryJam

Rated: K • 10 Reviews3
Summary: Hypothetically speaking, they were always meant to end up together. But the worst part of hypotheticals is that they almost never came true.

Spoilers through Phyllis' Wedding

Something Pretty by WildBerryJam

Rated: K • 5 Reviews2
Summary: It’s Pam’s birthday, and somebody special has an extra special present for her. AU post- A Benihana Christmas.

Pure and utter fluff. Enjoy.

Apartments and Breakdowns by WildBerryJam

Rated: K+ • 13 Reviews7

There was no way that Pam was in the hallway, crying.  It seemed almost as absurd as Dwight comforting her.  It was just not possible.  Set during “Back From Vacation”