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Okay, first of all I'm a guy-are there any others writing here?  Yes, I am of course in love with Jenna Fischer and with the fictional character she has created.  And I would totally have a beer and watch some hoops with Jim Halpert.

I've never written romantic stuff in my life; this show just brings it out of me.  My stories here are sort of little daydreams that seem somehow therapeutic to me.  You can usually count on happy endings from my stuff; plenty of heartache on the actual show.      

Other stuff:  37, divorced, two kids, I live in Northern Virginia

Feel free to contact me.   

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Stories by brokenloon

Dukes by brokenloon

Rated: M • 10 Reviews12
Summary: What comes after "Put up your dukes, Beesly."

Every day is Saturday morning by brokenloon

Rated: T • 14 Reviews3
Summary: Jim and Pam and their offspring in the 2030s. 

Wichita Lineman by brokenloon Past Featured Story

Rated: T • 18 Reviews6

He would close his eyes and remember their time apart, concentrating on it, trying to feel it. Just when he started to connect with the empty feeling, he would open his eyes and look at her sleeping beside him, and slide close enough to her so he could feel her breath, and feel nothing less than a sort of joy.

We may walk until the daylight by brokenloon Past Featured Story

Rated: M • 36 Reviews15

She saw the iPod as she was packing her stuff into boxes. It had been tucked away in a drawer for months. She never listened to it anymore; the memories were too painful.

May and Everything After by brokenloon Past Featured Story

Rated: M • 67 Reviews29
Summary: Jim and Pam, moments from each month, starting with May 2007.  Just sort of filling in some blanks.  Some fluff, a little angst here and there. Eventually I'll get through a whole year.  Spoilers through "The Job," I guess. 

The door is open but the ride, it ain't free by brokenloon

Rated: M • 16 Reviews6

Three things I believe:  They love each other.  Dunder Mifflin would wear Jim down without Pam there.  Parenting ain't easy.  This story follows from those three premises.

So Glad You Came Around by xoxoxo, brokenloon

Rated: T • 29 Reviews15

Jim and Pam & their thoughts after their first date.  Post The Job - no spoilers.

I-80 Westbound by brokenloon

Rated: M • 52 Reviews22
Summary: New technology captured what was going through Jim's brain on the trip from New York back to Scranton.  Here is the transcription.

The Newlywed Show by brokenloon Past Featured Story

Rated: M • 87 Reviews27
Summary: This is a transcript of The Newlywed Show, taped in December 2009.

The Third Art Show by brokenloon

Rated: MA • 68 Reviews16
Summary: Believe it or not, this is a sequel to "The Second Art Show."  Essentially this is my best take at imagining them as a couple, with particular focus on Pam's art career.  Eventually willl have a little bit of everything:  Smut, sunshine, some angst, references to sex with Willie Nelson. 

The Doggerel in the Wastebasket by brokenloon

Rated: MA • 20 Reviews10
Summary: After Pam's assertion that she was fine with her choices in Boys and Girls, Jim writes a few lines expressing his frustration, leading to rapid developments. 

The Second Art Show by brokenloon

Rated: MA • 39 Reviews14
Summary: Beesley uses art as therapy and creates a new masterpiece for Michael; Halpert takes a hard look at himself.

The Merits of Desperation by brokenloon

Rated: MA • 23 Reviews5
Summary: The Sunday after Cocktails Jim and Pam wallow in their own struggles before things finally take a turn.  My first one of these ever.  My apologies if I mess up on any points of etiquette. Definitely for hardcore Jam fans only. A solid R rating.