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    More Than That
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      A thread for users from the old days to say hi and reconnect!

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        Hi! I’m an old MTTer, although I didn’t join until after season 5 of the show. I loved the old MTT community. It was so full of kind, funny, and creative people.  Really excited to see how the reboot does!

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          Another old timer here!

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            Good to see you @jamnicity and @funkybutt! Thanks for joining us over here!

            So I was a huge Office Nerd (we’re talking LiveJournal icons, fanvids, fanfics, just fully geeked out) and big frequenter of the MTT archive during season 3. Then I moved to Japan the summer between S3 and S4. Looking at the time stamps, I started posting Expressions in Emoticons 3 weeks before I moved to Japan which was rather silly of me as I had a lot I needed to be doing then! When I go to Japan, I didn’t have internet at my home for 2 months so lots of updating EiE from school computers and at internet cafes. One time only the smoking section was open at the internet cafe but I risked emphysema to post a new chapter! Also to get an apostrophe on a Japanese keyboard you have to press Shift+7 and that was the worst!

            Anyway I was kind of plugging along on my role reversal fic Anywhere But Here as well as writing lot of little half-plotted never-published ficlets, then I pretty much fell off the MTT map after S4, still loved the show but wasn’t feeling writing anymore.

            Eitherway, fast forward to 2015 and me marathoning the Office on netflix and getting my Jim and Pam feeling renewed something fierce. I decided to come back to MTT, only to find it pretty desperately needed some TLC! I’m now paired up with a couple other fanfic lovers in administering this site (I’m kind of the tech girl, I know almost everything about eFiction at this point!). I am pretty thrilled to see a lot of MTTers are still around!

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              You guys! I miss being here everyday and need to start catching up again. It’s lovely to see you all back!

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