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    More Than That
    More Than That
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      Let’s talk TV, network shows, premium shows, streaming shows, shows that have filled the Office-gap in your heart, etc.

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        Parks and Rec is a pretty good show.


        But sports, mostly, is what fills the gap now.

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          Now that Fall TV is underway, what are people watching? Any new shows you recommend or any returning shows you want to find fellow fans of?

          I personally have a lot on my list, I want to watch Luke Cage, might check out Westworld, a fellow MTTer is a big Blindspot fan which looks intriguing. Also kind of dreading the Walking Dead premiere in a couple weeks 🙁

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            Definitely a Walking Dead fan.   I’m sad that Grimm is not getting renewed and we have a final half season starting in January.  Living in the UK I miss all the ad hype for the new shows, so I’m not even really sure what’s out there now.   However, if they get good enough reviews I can usually find streams of the ones worth watching.

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              Can’t do Walking Dead. I’m sure it’s great, but I have a thing against zombies.

              I’m a huge Once Upon a Time fan, but that show can be a hot mess most times. If it weren’t for the one couple I ship, I may have given up already.

              Really liking The Good Place and Brooklyn Nine-Nine — both from Mike Schur. On the drama side, Lucifer is awesome!

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