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      Hello and welcome to the new MTT! This topic has some of the most frequently asked questions about our forum and new community. If your question is not covered in these FAQs, you can hop over to the Question Thread and ask away.



      Why do things keep changing around and appearing/disappearing: We are still in “beta mode” with the new community so as we figure it all out, things may randomly show up or go away as we test features.

      I’m already registered on the fanfic archive or old boards, do I need to re-register?: Yes, these new boards use a different system, also we wanted to give users a “clean slate” to chose whatever name they want and set up their profile however!

      Can I participate without registering? Yes, you can comment on blog posts and (at least for now) reply to topics in the forum without registering.

      Why should I register?  Registered users can create topics in the forums, change their avatar and profile, friend other users, send personal messages and more!

      What are the forum rules? You should probably read this, but in short don’t be a jerk, don’t post things that are NSFW, and don’t post links to pirated files.

      Why is my reply pending? Registered or not, your first reply will need to be approved by a moderator before it appears here, once your 1st reply is approved, future replies should appear right away. The approval is tied to the email address you used, so if you enter a new email, then your next comment will be held.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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