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      A beta reader is someone who reviews a story before you post it to the general readership to help with grammar, spelling, plot issues, etc. It helps to make sure a story is as good as it can be before being sent out in the world. You are not required to use beta readers to post stories on MTT, but it is usually helpful to have a second set of eyes look over your story find all the little (and not so little) things that may be not quite on target.

      We have officially rebooted our Beta Reader system at MTT!

      You can read all about it at the archive, but here is the general gist:

      To become a beta:

      • Go to “Edit Profile” on the archive, on the beta reader line, select “yes”.
      • Copy and Paste the Beta-Reader template to your bio and fill it out
      • Select submit at the bottom of the page. Now you will show up as a Beta Reader on the archive!
      • You also have the option of editing your profile on these boards and filling out the beta reader section, and advertising your services on this thread.

      To find a beta:

      • You can see who is listed as Beta Reader on the archive, click on profile, read their beta-reader form and see if anyone is a good fit for your story.
      • If they seem like a good fit, contact them via the “contact author” link on the MTT archive.
      • You can also state in the notes of your stories that you are looking for a beta, this will often attract reader who are willing to look things over.

      Some Ground Rules for Betas and Authors

      • If you contact a beta reader for your story and they say (politely) that they cannot be your beta, accept it and move on, likewise for betas who reach out to authors that say no thanks.
      • Make it very clear what you expect from the beta process! The more details you share with each other before you start, the better the beta process will go.

      That’s enough for now, as mentioned before, you can read the full beta page. Comments can be directed here, through the comment form or in an email to

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      More Than That
      More Than That
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        This is an announcement that our beta program has been relaunched! You can read all the details about become or finding a beta at the archive, and direct any questions about to use via this thread, the contact form or an email to

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