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      I watched The Office and thought Jim and Pam’s story was so alike mine I had to share it. I won’t be able to share everything as I’m at work right now, but I’ll be giving you the key elements to help you relate my story to Jim and Pam’s.

      Here is my story:

      In May 2015, I went on a high school trip to New York City. My friends were close to a group of 4 girls. By hanging out with my friends, I ended up meeting these girls and got to know them a little bit. One of them was so beautiful, sweet, funny, adorable; you get the point. I was really interested in her so I spent most of the trip with her and we talked about a lot of things. Turns out we had almost EVERYTHING in common. She was really great and I was looking forward to get to know her more in the next weeks.

      When we got back from NYC, I learned that she was seeing one of my friends (which did not come to NYC, so I had no idea about them).In the next weeks, they stopped seeing each other. By respect for my friend, I did not make a move on her and kept everything for me. Nobody ever knew that I had a crush on her. However, I was constently running into her in the hallways and parties, so it was hard to hide.

      One day, the school organized a special ”Olympic Day”, meaning we would spend the day outside and had to attend 2 competitions through the day. The rest of the day was freetime. So I spent the day with my friends and my new friends (the 4 girls). They invited me to Cine-Park on the weekend, which is an outside movie theater. I got to know the 4 girls a lot more over the summer, as we were often meeting up to play games, sports and to party.

      I started college in August 2015 and she was now one of my ”close” friends. She was my closest friend out of the 4 girls, as we liked the same things and had talk about it enough to get us a little closer than I got to the 3 other girls. She was in my Sociology class in my first semester. Do you remember the annoying couples at the back of the class always laughing, talking, giggling, flirting? Well it was us. However, we were not dating at all. That’s when I realised there was a lot of chemestry between us. She was ALWAYS smiling at me, laughing, giggling, touching me, playing with me, flirting with me. I was really interested into her, but I was scared that if I did something, it would destroy our friendship (I mean that I did not want to lose contact with her because it would have probably been awkward after I would have told her how I felt). So I kept my mouth shut and never told her anything. The second semester, I did not see her at all as our schedules were the complete opposite, so we lost sight for that semester.

      In the 3rd semester (August 2016), she started dating another one of my friends. That really hurt me. I know that it was my fault for not telling her how I felt, however I thought I was doing the right thing for my friend. Anyways, I did some activites with my friends where she was there with her boyfriend (who is also my friend), so that was hard for me to see her with someone else. Again, it was my fault for not saying anything, but that’s not the point of me telling you this story today.

      She dumped hum about 6 months later and I did not have the time to tell her before she was in a new relationship about 3 weeks later (November 2016). She and I got really close in the 4th semester (January 2017). We hang out a lot as we had a lot of classes and breaks together. We played cards often and we got the chance to discuss a lot of things. The way she was looking at me, the way she was smiling, the way she was laughing, the way she was giggling, the way she played along with me when I was joking around got me the idea she was maybe interested in me afterall. Or even was she in love with me and couldn’t recognize it. I had to be careful because she had a boyfriend at that time. I couldn’t tell her or do whatever I wanted to.

      I am skipping little parts, but I am giving you the key elements to understand my story. In April 2017, I couldn’t keep it inside anymore and it went out public. I told my guy friends I was in love with her. Even though it was probably SOOO OBVIOUS during school, it was finally confirmed by me. Apparently, when we were hanging out just the two of us, they would call us the ”little couple” when we were not there and even though she was in a relationship with another guy. Weeks have passed and I heard that some other people knew that I was in love with her, even though I do not talk to them. As a result, if people I didn’t tell this story knew about my secret, she could of have heard about it to. I did not do anything about it until today, July 25th 2017.

      She was leaving for Europe tonight, so I decided this was the ”best” time to tell her how I felt for her once and for all. I took my balls and went up to her house, played cards with her and then bam! Told her everything. The exact story I just told you.

      She said that her friends told her it was obvious I was in love with her (they were right), but she wasn’t sure about this statement. She thought it could be true, but never asked me about it because she did not want to make me feel unconfortable. I told her I wanted her to hear it from me rather than by others (like Jim did). She was cool with it, but I do not know what is going to happen next. She left for Europe for 2 weeks about 4 hours ago so I will probably not see or talk to her until then.

      I will keep you informed in the next weeks/months of how it went and what happened, for those of who are experiencing the same kind of problem as I had, which was to not have the balls to tell her.

      For those who are struggling right now deciding whether you should tell her how you feel, just do it! It is such a stress relief. Now everything is in her hands and you won’t have to hide from it anymore. It is probably one of the best decisions of my life, even though it may be a little awkward the next time I see her, I really enjoy the fact that I do not have to hide anymore. Jim Halpert followed Michael Scott’s advice to never give up and after 2 years of constantly keeping everything for myself and crying at night because I did not do anything, I am so relieved and proud of me.

      I will now wait and see how this plays out in the next weeks/months. I’ll tell you then.

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