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    More Than That
    More Than That
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      Let’s get to know each other! Please write a little about yourself, and for fun include your Desert Island Office Episode (the 5 episodes you would take with you to a desert island).

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        My my name is ‘manidfk’. I don’t fit the general demographic of this site, or fan fiction in general, being a 16 year old guy. I found this site during the summer because I was bored out of my mind. All I did during summer was watch Netflix, hit the gym, and loiter around my house doing generally nothing. Now that school has started back up I don’t have time to do stuff like this much, but I enjoy visiting the fan fiction site on a weekly basis to see if there are any new stories.


        As for the desert island question, here is my top 5 list of episodes (in no specific order)-

        1. The one where Dwight starts a fire

        2. Michael’s dinner party

        3. The finale

        4. Casino Night

        5. The episode Jim asks Pam out

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          Good to see some fresh faces around MTT!

          So I’m Ladama, I was a gigantic Office geek back in the day, like makin’ fanvids, hanging out at LiveJournal, and writtin’ fics here at MTT. When the writer’s strike happened in ’07 I was living in Japan and sort of fell off the MTT map. Still loved the show but I lost my writing muse and wasn’t keeping up with the flandom much.

          Fast forward to Summer ’15 and me marathoning Office one night and I don’t know, the JAM feelings hit again and hit hard! I remembered a folder full of fanfic on an external harddrive somewhere as well as MTT and thought I’d check it out only to find the archive and site as a while was definitely in need a new webmaster and some TLC. So here I am as an admin! (When you see MoreThanThat posting it’s more than likely me but I’m trying to keep that account more administrative and this one for all the other stuff.) If any of you need anything feel free to @ my username or @morethanthat or drop me a message!

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          Assistant (to the) Manager

            And I totally forgot my desert island episodes! This is pretty difficult but I’ll go with..

            1. The Dundies
            2. Casino Night
            3. The Job
            4. Money
            5. Stress Relief

            With special mention of Halloween (I just love that episode for some reason), Booze Cruise (guh, it’s so good), Weight Loss, Niagara, and A.A.R.M.



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