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    More Than That
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      Rather than have thread overload and have a topic for each season we will be splitting into three, Seasons 1-3, 4-6, and 7-9. (Depending on replies, we may branch off each season)

      This is the place for general discussion of Seasons 4, 5, 6 (though if we have any spillover into s3 or s7 that’s okay). Discuss material from DVDs, commentaries, promotional materials, and just anything really from these seasons.

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        Since Halloween is soon I was going back to watch the Halloween episodes of the Office and discovered something interesting: when S6 Koi Pond aired, there was a haunted warehouse cold opener, and while it’s describe in the Netflix synopsis the actual scene is nowhere to be found, and is also not on the DVDs. I did stumble on the cold opener on IG, which according to the Office Wikia was removed due to Michael’s “hanging” being offensive to many viewers. (which I certainly understand it’s a delicate subject, at the same time is a very Michael to be obtuse and unintentionally offensive about delicate subjects)

        Blink and you’ll miss Pam as Rosemary Woodhouse (as in Rosemary’s Baby)

        Photo from "Koi Pond"
        Photo from “Koi Pond”
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          I’d seen the deleted scene before but missed Pam’s costume! Good spot – where did you even find that picture?

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