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It’s time for the first annual Dunder Mifflin National Sales Meeting in Las Vegas. What will go down in the city of sin, where alcohol flows, love can be won, lost and won again, and where drive-through weddings are all-too-available?

Categories: Jim and Pam
Characters: Andy, Angela, Bob Vance, Carol, Creed, Darryl, David Wallace, Dwight, Dwight/Angela, Ensemble, Hunter, Jan, Jim, Jim/Karen, Jim/Other, Jim/Pam, Josh Porter, Karen, Katy, Kelly, Kevin, Madge, Mark, Meredith, Michael, Michael/Jan, Mose, Oscar, Oscar/Gil, Other, Pam, Pam/Other, Pam/Roy, Phyllis, Phyllis/Bob Vance, Roy, Ryan, Ryan/Kelly, Stanley, Toby
Genres: Travel
Warnings: Adult language, Dubious Consent
Completed: No
[Report This] Added: August 25, 2007
Summary: Ryan struggles with himself and his choices as he goes through life.
Categories: Other, Present, Past, Future, Episode Related
Characters: Hunter, Jim/Other, Jim/Pam, Ryan/Kelly
Genres: Childhood, Oneshot, Steamy
Warnings: Adult language, Moderate sexual content
Completed: Yes
[Report This] Added: June 12, 2007