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it's quite simple,it is just love

 •jim and pam's love story told through a loooot of songs•

Categories: Present, Jim and Pam
Characters: Cece Halpert, Ensemble, Jim, Jim/Karen, Jim/Katy, Jim/Other, Jim/Pam, Karen, Katy, Mark, Other, Pam, Pam/Other, Pam/Roy, Roy
Genres: Angst, Childhood, Dream/Fantasy, Drunk Pam/Jim, Fluff, Holiday, In Stamford, Inner Monologue, Kids/Family, Married, Pregnancy/Babies, Romance, Hurt/Comfort, Weekend, Workdays
Warnings: Adult language, Mild sexual content, Other Adult Theme, Secondary Character Death, Violence/Injury
Challenges: None
Stories: 0
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