Reviews For Many More Cupcakes
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Reviewer: darjeelingandcoke Signed 1 [Report This]
Date: September 05, 2021 10:47 pm Title: Chapter 1

Me to the Office writers' room: This could be us but you playin

Reviewer: wallflower Signed 10 [Report This]
Date: July 22, 2008 07:32 am Title: Chapter 1

STEPH! i think this is possibly my most favourite OF EVER. So amazing; I burst out laughing so many times, it was hilarious but still tinged with realism and impeccable characterisation, as always.
LOVE Kevin and his MILF! And Kelly being the third world baby that Michael saved from poverty, bahaha. Such a perfect Michael. The Chaperone Chair = GOLD. And everyone that sat in it was so perfect and hilarious and in-character. Dwight's pages of notes. Andy getting antsy.
I love the way that Toby's insecurities are always present, he's perennially waiting for the other shoe to drop, he's almost bracing himself for her to just snap and change her mind.
I love the callbacks to the list of things Toby does right, the cupcakes, and the shopping cart, which is totally the greatest dance move ever invented except for possibly the sprinkler. And I love them throwing the crumbled up balls of notes over the Dunderball wall. It's those tiny wierd things that make The Office so awesome, and make this story stay so true to the format and the tone and just embody the quirks completely. If that makes sense.

"They had a name! They were so like Brangelina it wasn’t even funny."

That line is so awesome it isn't even funny.
I love how Kelly is sometimes so ignorant of just how worthless Toby thinks he is, and just how used to things being horrible he is.
I love Pam's little inserts of sanity.

“Honestly, Kelly, I think it’s that he thinks that little of himself.”

Such a bittersweetly accurate portrayal of him.
HAHA! Elizabeth's presence. So freakin sweet, such a good little added thing. That little extra component that just adds huzzaah or oomph or just fun.
And Michael's long letter of complaint to Ryan, hahaha.
Sasha was so perfect! It wasn't lame or cliche and she didn't like her TOO much, but it was just so good and accurate and purple, yes! Starving! Pizza! And all shy but liking Kelly. That picture was awesome, I want a copy. And the purple bracelets.

Just, WOW. The way Toby is at the bar on his last day, all weightless and happy and his duck laugh, and it being so obvious and such a huge contrast to him every other time. So awesome. Kelly is SO the awesome lightness he needs in his life, for real.

You write Jim so well. And Pam.

"And maybe a little because beforehand she had told him that he was HR, which was like being a psychiatrist, which was like being a doctor.

Her sisters referred to Toby as Grandpa, in a language he fortunately did not understand. They told Kelly later that Ryan was way hotter than Grandpa and she should totally get back with him."

Those lines are so awesome and so Kelly and fit so well, and are just SOOOO FUNNY. HR - like a psychiatrist - like a doctor - basically a doctor - GENIUS.
And Kelly's sisters haha. Just typical. At least Toby doesn't look like ZACH BRAFF. Bahaha

I like Michael's little sidebar about Amber being horrible. It's so accurate, just fits perfectly as to what would be expected by Michael. There's no way he would ever admit that Toby isn't the devil, but he can complain about someone being horrible hahaha.

I love that she didn't even suspect. And I'm so happy that he wanted to propose all by himself, and that she made him that happy, and everything.

Ryan Howard and SKANK.

The little pieces of information that even just get glanced over are still so awesome and incredibly Kelly - 'using her purple pen', hahaha.

LOVE that even Amber is too high strung for Angela. And Angela's comment about 'modern weddings!' So! something that would come out of her mouth.

And Toby worrying about Sasha around all the strangers, and then she's just happy with the sari and the hair and the family and everything, and Kelly's sisters.

And Jan! Noone ever asks for more information from Jan, she just spits it out and assumes anyone is interested. Bahahah. Sooo goood. Seriously.

So articulate and awesome and IMPECCABLE CHARACTERISATION.

Feel free to write as many of these awesome awesome, sooo awesome fics as you can ever manage. They put me in suuuch a good mood every time I read one, and just leave me feeling genuinely happy and warm and they're funnyyyy and so goood.

Author's Response: I am so overwhelmed by this review I don't even know how to respond coherently. Thank you, thank you, a 1000 times thank you. I am so glad you enjoyed it so much! Just... wow. I just (still) love Toby and writing him and thank you for the encouragement to write more. I don't know if I'll write any more in this series (although for awhile I was tempted to write Kelly and Toby being married and Amber terrorizing everyone) - but I always have some ideas. Wow. This review just made me so happy.

Reviewer: luchy Signed [Report This]
Date: July 21, 2008 05:52 am Title: Chapter 1

Seriously... I'm sitting here CRYING and wishing we could see the two of them so HAPPY!  I loved how you made them both grow, but still be themselves.  I love how happy Toby is and how Kelly really is an awesome girlfriend.  You did a great job.



Author's Response: Thank you so much! I wish they could have ended up happy as well rather than the Toby we were given the last season. Glad you enjoyed it.

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