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Reviewer: darjeelingandcoke Signed 1 [Report This]
Date: October 11, 2020 09:53 pm Title: Chapter 4

I like this move! Partially just as a fan of NotInterestedInJim!Karen/Pam bonding, and partially because it actually makes sense that Pam would have more or less the same instincts for how to bond with Karen as Jim would.

I'd like to think Jim would have an easier time recognizing what Pam is here to do than he is in this fic, but it does seem realistic - he's damaged and defensive, she still hasn't said the words. And naturally he's not handling the transition that well. Oh, Jim.

Reviewer: Comfect Signed 1 [Report This]
Date: January 29, 2020 05:45 am Title: Chapter 4

Ok I'm totally here for Pam and Karen being friends and Pam doing the Herr's thing. But man Jim, isn't moving to Stamford enough of a hint?

Author's Response:

You would think. That’s why I couldn’t drag it out more than like 2 days in Stamford before Jim figured some things out...  

Reviewer: Dernhelm Signed 1 [Report This]
Date: December 06, 2019 09:17 am Title: Chapter 4

I love this story and looking forward for more. Pam is precious and I really glad that she became friends with Karen. I've always felt sad about their possible friendship, and hope they'll have more great interactions. Jim is... well, he is evolving Jim, though there are glimpses of good old Scranton Jim. Hope, he'll be back soon!

Author's Response: I think Pam and Karen would’ve made fantastic friends without Jim messing things up for them so dramatically. If you haven’t already, have a read of anything Duchess Cupcake has written - she writes the most wonderful Pam and Karen friendships into her stories. 

I forgot to say in the review I left on your wonderful story, but my twitter handle is in my bio here if you want to hit me up if you’re still keen to have someone beta anything 😊
Thanks for your review! Hopefully the next chapter won’t be too far away... 

Reviewer: Jimboree Signed 1 [Report This]
Date: December 04, 2019 07:08 pm Title: Chapter 4

Okay, gotcha. I remembered the chip-hunting taking place after "The Convention" and so thought that you had placed your story there - thanks for the explanation.

I wonder what will keep Jim from Pam if Karen is no longer an obstacle...? Maybe Jim hasn't had enough time to build up his defenses?

Author's Response:

That totally makes sense. I’ve picking using bits & pieces from basically any episode up to & including The Merger. I might add a note to clarify the timeline a little in the next update. 

There won’t be too many obstacles to come - this is probably about the halfway point of this story.  

Reviewer: Jimboree Signed [Report This]
Date: December 04, 2019 08:31 am Title: Chapter 4

First three chapters are really good; however, I feel that this fourth chapter presents some problems. Pam making friends with Karen is perfectly fine, good even, but I don’t see her doing exactly what Jim did, word for word. It’s also unfortunate that Pam’s actions result in Jim staying at odds with Karen - he clearly needed a friend during his time at Stamford and now that Pam has essentially stolen his opportunity, Jim has lost a possible anchor to keep him from her. Next, you might not be keeping a strict timeline here, but presumably these events take place after “The Convention”, so shouldn’t Jim be inclined to think that Pam is dating, i.e. not single?

Obviously there’s more to come, so maybe these events will be re-contextualized in later chapters.

Author's Response:

Hi Jimboree, 

Thanks for taking time the time to review. 

The timeline of this is a little clunky, I agree, but the convention has not yet happened. Essentially these events are taking place around the same time as Gay Witch Hunt. Jim has had no contact from Pam. Pam hasn’t dated. 

In regards to Karen, very early on in Season 3, she doesn’t appear to be interested in Jim. She comes across as more perplexed/annoyed by him. I’m basing this entirely how she speaks about him in Gay Witch Hunt - as this is about the time it’s set, I’ve aimed to recreate the same Karen here. 

I decided to use the same prank, & basically the same dialogue for a number of reasons. Mostly because Pam & Jim have pranked together for so long it doesn’t seem out of the bounds of reality for them to approach something in a similar way... Plus, it worked for Karen in canon & helped us see another side of her. 

 You said “Jim has lost a possible anchor to keep him from her.” That was exactly the point. Without Karen, Jim would have returned to Pam far, far earlier on - that’s the plan here.  

I hope this all makes some sense! 

Reviewer: warrior4 Signed [Report This]
Date: December 03, 2019 02:47 pm Title: Chapter 4

I like the this tactic that Pam's come up with. Be the Pam he fell in love with, but since he's being cool towards her, direct it at Karen. Pam makes a new friend, starts to chip away at Jim's feelings, and starts to feel good for herself. Win-win-win.

Bit of ebb and flow with Jim here. Lots of mixed feelings that come across well. He may be all serious workaholic Jim, or at least telling himself that. But under it all, he 's still Jim. The nice guy who tries to do the right thing. His guilt over how he treated Karen show this nicely.

Wonderful update as always.

Author's Response: Thanks Warrior! 

Yeah, Jim is all over the place - I’m hoping it mostly makes sense for him to be that way though, at least at this point... 

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