Reviews For Aquarelle Blooms
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Reviewer: Once Signed [Report This]
Date: December 15, 2020 01:24 pm Title: Chapter 2: Aerial Perspective

Nicely done getting Jim's low cloud overhang in the first paragraph. The time jump from Oz to Roy's violent meltdown was a little jarring.

Since I live in the home of the jackalope, I was delighted they got a callout.

Author's Response: Thanks, Once! Yeah, I was worried about that jump, I rushed it all a bit. Haha, yay! I’m glad you appreciated the jackalope reference! I’ve always felt creativity is such a magical thing. So when it came to Pam, a jackrabbit just didn’t speak to the enchanted chaos that I’d like to think would be in her frenzied mind :)

Reviewer: darjeelingandcoke Signed 1 [Report This]
Date: December 07, 2020 09:53 pm Title: Chapter 2: Aerial Perspective

The rest of the office having held a karaoke night instead of going to Pam’s show is a GUT. PUNCH. Even before we realize that’s why Jim isn’t there. I think it’s a good choice – it’s sufficiently emotionally painful to provoke Pam to react to their abandonment of her immediately.

This is a really solid encapsulation of Roy at this point in the story – he is absolutely just kind of checking the box, which is an improvement over his past performance as S.O., but he still doesn’t understand what Pam wants in a broad sense and still isn’t really capable or interested in giving it to her in the long run. (TWSS) And of course, he immediately proves it by blowing off her big news, demanding credit for his “accomplishment” and acting like he’s done enough to have won her back already. (The unspoken contrast with how Jim, even S3 Jim, might respond to being told she’d been recommended for a paying gig in the arts, is sharp.)

Obviously the idea of Pam reaching her Beach Games moment without Jim there, and with the idea in mind that being courageous and honest means that it’s time for her to let Jim go, wildly reshapes the back end of the season 3. Looking forward to seeing what you do now that we’re off the beaten path.

Author's Response: You all write some of the best and most helpful reviews on the internet! Thank you!

Yeah, total gut punch about the art show/karaoke night, although alternatively they are at home? To our knowledge, only Toby had something :( Another reason I had all of this happen in a single night was because, to this day, I am ((mortified)) that none of them approached Pam the day after the bar scene or attack on Jim. It's absolutely in character and totally speaks to the whole "invisible and undervalued Pam" arc; but still, when faced with outright violence and potential signs of abuse, nothing? Ugh. It just makes me sad (which we can all agree is why the show's writing is *perfect*...and I've now destroyed it...well done, me). I guess we'll see if I can write myself out of this hole, lol! Thanks again for reading and leaving your review!! 

Reviewer: warrior4 Signed 1 [Report This]
Date: December 07, 2020 07:23 pm Title: Chapter 2: Aerial Perspective

Big night for Pam here. She gets high praise for her art and has a wonderful come out of the fog moment. Very much a scene where Pam rescues herself and I love that. Clearly there's a ton of emotions going through her right now. Thus it seems like she deletes Jim's number from her phone. I get it. She wants to be free, she wants to be herself. That may be a bit hasty, but we'll see.

Other than that it seemed like you got everyone pretty well in character. Kelly being her overly peppy self. Roy thinking he can just tick a few boxes and get Pam back into his favor. Or Roy thinking he can just solve her problems for her and that'll work. Come on Roy you really want her to move back in when Kenny is also there? Wow that guy is dense.

So all in all a really good chapter to get Pam into a much more independent space. Might still be some bits of chaff to burn off, but it's good to see the steel in her spine starting to really forge into something hard.

Author's Response:

Thank you for your kind review! Yeah, Roy, gosh. He is just an absurd man-baby. Tragically (albeit humorously) dense.

I wanted to clarify, and maybe I should do so in the chapter if it's confusing (?): Pam didn't delete Jim's (or Roy's) number entirely from her phone, just from her "favorite contacts" list. Like how you used to just be able to speed dial 1-9 on a cell and it would call whoever you assigned to that single digit (or select from the list like in this story). Pam is realizing she can't depend on Jim to be there even just as a friend so, in my head, it would be really painful to see his name in that list, especially if she used it regularly to call her mom or Penny, etc. So under that premise, it's less a means of preventing herself from contacting him and more to protect her (broken)heart and preserve her mind. Sorry, I'll stop rambling about this, lol...

Thank you again for taking the time to review in such detail. It really helps me know what is properly being conveyed and what is trapped in the spiderweb of my own mind, and it's so appreciated!

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