Site Themes/Skins

One fun feature of the archive is readers are able to select different themes, or skins, to customize their reading experience! You can find the theme changer drop-down menu in the sidebar area of the homepage and at the bottom on every page.

If you are an archive member, you can select your preferred theme and be switched automatically to that theme whenever you log in. You can set this preference by going to My Account > Edit Preferences

We currently have 8 available themes to chose from and most are mobile friendly!

* All themes utilize Google Fonts and FontAwesome Icons

27 Seconds

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27 seconds  desktop preview 27 seconds - mobile



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hand theme preview



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Niagara - desktop preview Niagara - mobile preview


Not A Bad Day

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Not A Bad Day - desktop preview Not A Bad Day mobile


Paper Airplanes [current default theme]

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Paper Airplanes - desktop preview Paper Airplanes mobile preview



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Sketches - desktop preview Sketches mobile


Teapot Holiday

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Teapot Holiday - desktop preview Teapot Holiday mobile


Version 4

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version 4 - desktop preview