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Later that night at their reception, Larissa surprised Jim by asking Pam to tell them all about her first kiss.

"Oh, uh, that's actually a really funny story," she began. Jim didn't care if it was funny, he really didn't want to be thinking about Roy right now. Not on their wedding day. But he couldn't stop her without making a scene.

"Well," Pam continued. "I was fourteen years old and I met this guy at the fair." No way. He could see the rest of his family beginning to exchange stunned glances as Pam kept talking.

"Actually, I never even found out what his name was, but I remember he had green eyes, kind of like Jim's in fact, and we rode the roller coaster together and the whole day I kept wondering what was wrong with me, because I just couldn't stop thinking about him and then right as I was leaving he came up behind me and--"

"Kissed you in the parking lot." Larissa finished. Pam looked at her, confused.

"I don't believe it." Jim said, surprised to find he that he still could speak.

"What?" Pam asked, looking even more puzzled.

His grin spread as Larissa did her best to explain

"Oh my--" Pam exclaimed

"Yeah," said Larissa

"That was...?"


"So you...?" she asked, turning to face him.

"I guess so." He shrugged, smiling at his bride.

She smiled back up at him and he couldn't help laughing at the look on her face.

"It must have been fate." Larissa concluded as he leaned over to kiss Pam for the hundredth time that day. Somehow knowing that they had done this so long ago, and so many times since then, only made this next kiss that much sweeter.

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