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Story Notes:

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Author's Chapter Notes:

Michael revives Movie Mondays and the aftermath occurs.

Speical thanks to edo for her amazing beta skillz.  Yes with a z. 

“Everybody!  Could I have your attention please!”  Michael exclaims at the door of his office, clapping his hands together and making as much noise as humanly possible by one person. 

The entire office raises their heads briefly from their papers, and notices the idiotic grin on their boss’ face.  Their lack of optimism is apparent.

 “I know it’s almost five o’clock on a Friday, but I bear tidings of good news!”  he exalts, beaming with excitement.  If she could meet his eye line, Pam would be giggling with Jim.  Instead she is met with the back of his neck.  She is forced to listen to Michael’s good news. 

Which, coincidentally, can only lead to mass chaos. 

“Next Monday will mark the return of something all you born-and-raised Scrantonites are familiar with…” He begins to trill his tongue as his drum roll, trying to build up some semblance of suspense. 

No one is sitting on the edge of their seats. 

“Movie Monday!”  He says in a booming voice, kind of like an amateur game show host.  His already sizeable grin evolves quickly into a full-on laugh.  The same response is not given by the office members. 

One loud, simultaneous groan comes from almost the entire office. 

Except for Dwight, who pumps his fist in the air, and exclaims jubilantly. 

“Didn’t you get in trouble last time you did Movie Monday?”  Stanley asks, not moving his eyes from his current crossword.

 “Uh, no I didn’t.”  Michael replies a little too quickly, his eyes darting over to Karen, then Andy.  “I think you’re starting to get a little senile, Stanley.” 

“I think you did.  Jan came down here and yelled at you for twenty minutes.  Everybody heard it.”  Stanley retorts, slamming his pencil down and rolling his eyes toward Michael. 

Everybody in the office nods at Stanley’s reply. 

“Well, thank you Stanley.  The wet blanket.”  Michael groans, full of sarcasm.  He pinches the bridge of his nose and squints.  “You know, I would’ve expected something like that from Toby, but not from you.” 

“Michael, I’m right here.”  Toby speaks in his normal hushed tone.

 “Yeah, well sometimes we all pretend you’re not.  And guess what?  The office is a much nicer place without you in it.”  Michael snaps back, slowly getting annoyed with everybody.  “Come on, guys!”  He throws his hands in the air, rapidly changing the subject.  “This is my gift to you.” 

“Can we get a gift receipt as well?  I mean, it’s not that we don’t appreciate the thought.”  Jim jokes, and gets a few slight chuckles from the other office members. 

“Yeah.  Go ahead.  Laugh.  I’m glad this all just a big joke to everybody here.”  Michael hangs his head, and retreats to his office.  He mutters something under his breath, presumably about the office workers (or Toby), and slams the door shut.

 Seconds later, Jim abandons his desk, and leans on the reception counter.  “So what exactly is Movie Monday?”  He asks, slipping a bright red jellybean into his mouth.  Definitely cherry. 

She raises an eyebrow at him, and lets a grin escape her lips. 

“Pam, you need to stop this.”  Angela interrupts, her voice filled with stern discipline. Jim is no longer leaning.  Pam freezes with embarrassment. 

“Um... stop what, Angela?”  She pushes a strand of her hair behind her ear.  Jim scurries back to his desk unapologetically.  Her cheeks begin to burn, but she has nothing to feel guilty about.  Besides wanting to be with her friend’s boyfriend

“That ridiculous movie Monday thing Michael is insisting on doing.”  Angela says with an annoyed tone.  “I refuse to watch that heathen show again.” 

“Why me?” Pam asks, desperately wishing for Jim to come back.  Ever since Phyllis’ wedding, it was impossible to get him to talk to her.  Those brief moments he did were hard to come by. 

“Because he listens to you.” 

“Yeah.”  Pam shakes her head, looking forlornly at the back of Jim’s neck.  The realization that Angela was right deepens the sadness, and Pam stands up from her desk.  “I’ll talk to him.” 

Jim doesn’t watch as she trudges slowly into Michael’s office.  No matter how much she’d like him to.  

“Pamburgler.  What can I do you for?”  Michael asks, slowly getting back to the gaiety that once overrode him.  The cameras zoom in on Pam’s face as she prepares herself for the conversation to come. 

“Michael... are you sure doing Movie Monday again is such a good idea?”  Pam asks in her kindergarten teacher voice.  (Because she normally has to talk to Michael like he’s a glue-eating five year old.) 

“Oh no, not you too Pam!”  Michael exclaims, throwing his head on his desk.  He buries it in his hands, sobbing slightly.  Then he slams it back up.  “Have you been talking to Toby?”

 She stands there, awkwardly silent.

“No, it’s just... Jan got really mad last time we did it.” 

“That’s what she said.”  Michael says, his depression once again disappearing. 

 “Michael...” she says sternly. 

“No, just listen, Pam.  Now that I’m tapping the corporate booty, it’s like I’ve got the golden ticket to the fun factory.”  He turned to the camera with a content smirk.  Then all those conversations about what was appropriate to discuss about their relationships in front of the camera come rushing back to him in a flash.  He cleared his throat.  "I mean, I have gotten permission from my superior, to play one movie per month, over lunch and at the end of the day." 

Pam was about ready to vomit as the images of Michael and tapping booty of any kind were combined. 

"Michael, are you sure..." 

"Absolutely, Pam, you can't talk me of it."  He clears his throat once more, and looks at Pam.  The idea comes to him.  “Unless...” He sighs heavily, and pulls out his best Jack Sparrow impression.  “Persuade me.” 

Pam stares at him, trying to figure it out.  Michael breaks out a trademark smile and laughs. 

“Johnny Depp, Pirates.  Persuade me.” 

Pam just shakes her head, and walks out of the office.  Michael kicks his feet on the desk, and grins to himself. 

“One day she’ll come around.”… 

“Excuse me.” Michael begins again.  He is once again met with a pessimistic attitude and groaning.  “Come on, this will only take a moment of your time.” 

“Really?  Just a moment?  Should I time it?”  Jim asks, reaching for Dwight’s stopwatch.  Dwight instantly swats his hand away. 

 “Shut it.”  Michael moans.  “Okay.  In the interest of keeping this office a democracy, and not a communist state...” he continues, and Jim shoots the camera a classic Jim look.  “I am going to let you vote on what we watch.  Toby, your vote doesn’t count, so why don’t you just get back to your desk.”   

Everybody turns to Toby, and he slowly walks back to his desk.  In actuality, he is quite glad to finally have some quiet time back at his desk.  With Kelly and Ryan in the other side of the office, it will definitely help get some work done. 

“So, first choice.  I don’t think we’ll need to present the other options, because it... is Entourage!”  He speaks, presenting the DVD case that had haunted movie Mondays throughout the summer. 

Once again, they groan in synch. 

“All in favor of Entourage, raise your hand.”  Michael says, his hand shooting in the air.  Dwight and Andy both wave their arms around like it’s going to fall off at any second.  Michael scans around the room, and it’s only the three votes.  “Come on, guys!”  His waving arm slaps across his leg as it falls down. 

“Opposed?”  Pam interrupts quietly, and nearly everybody’s hand shoots up.  “Sorry, Michael.  Majority rules.  No Entourage.” 

“Well, that’s just great.”  Michael says, rubbing his eye.  “Because I only had one choice.”  The last part of his sentence is barely audible. 

“I’m sorry, what?”  Karen speaks up, asking for clarity. 

“I said I only had the one choice.” 

“Then why did you have us vote?”  Jim asks, then looking over at the camera with a baffled look. 

“I wanted to be polite, okay?  Sue me for being polite and considerate to my friends slash colleagues.”  Michael’s voice cracks as he speaks.  “And yeah, I was expecting a little kindness in return, but I can understand that you guys are all selfish, and you just think about yourself all the time, and we’ll find something else to watch for Movie Monday.  Happy Friday, guys!”  Michael storms off into his office once more. 

Pam looked over at Creed, still staring at Michael’s door, with his arm extended. 

“Creed, um... The vote’s over.” 

“Oh, I’m sorry.”  Creed apologizes, and then forces his arm down. 

“We were voting on something?”

Chapter End Notes:

Up next: Michael's choice for movie mondays is revealed.  

You know the drill by now people.  Anything comments/criticisms are appreciated.  And this is going in a JAMmy direction.  Just in case you're wondering :)

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