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Story Notes:

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 Title: The Dawning of a New Day

 Fandom/Pairing: Jim/Pam

 Rating: K+


Author's Chapter Notes:
This is the first time I'm posting on this site, so I'm still trying to do everything right. If I don't, please be patient!

As he parked his car in his usual spot, he realized he never felt so sure of anything in his life.

He had to force himself all the way here to drive slower. Though a few doubts were still lingering in his mind, his blood was racing through his veins, his heart pumping it out faster than he thought was possible - or healthy. Still, he had made it here in record time. And now, as Jim stepped out in to the parking lot, he knew all the doubts were gone. They hadn't taken much convincing to vanish either. His current mindset just seemed so...right.

He should walk. He knew he should. But the knowledge didn't make his legs move any slower. Instead, he was at a jog. No, now he was at a full speed run, heading for the elevator.

It had taken him all year to be sure. All year to get over his hurt and his nagging doubts. But he had finally gotten over them all, clearing his thoughts, and now he didn't want to waste another minute without letting her know what he had rediscovered.

His foot tapped anxiously on the ground of the elevator as it crawled up the floor levels. Couldn't this go any faster? Maybe he should have taken the stairs.

The double doors open, revealing the place he had spent many of his years now. Never had he been so excited to burst in the office door, never like now.

As his hand clasped the door handle, he took one last deep breath. Everything seemed to be based on the next five minutes. This could change his whole life. This could be the turning point. This could make everything all worth while.

Walking through the door, he saw she wasn't at her desk. That's okay, she's here somewhere. He saw her car. She's here.

What if she didn't mean what he thought she did? Did he overreact? Women's minds were oh so different from a man's. Maybe she was just referring to their long friendship, while he was starting to hear wedding bells in the distance.

Wait, didn't women think about weddings? Not men? No time to think now, he had to find her.

"Hey Jim, what are you doing here?" Kevin's slow drawl barely registers in his mind. It takes a moment for Jim to recall the words.

"Where's Pam?" Did his voice sound a little too gruff? Too desperate? It didn't matter anymore. Pam had stood in front of everyone to declare, what he prayed, were her true feelings for him. Revealed that she called off her wedding....for him. That meant more than friendship, didn't it? Didn't it? Of course it did.

She let everyone else know. Pam's private. She doesn't like people knowing her personal business. That didn't stop her from letting it out. She wasn't embarrassed either. No, she was proud.

Time for him to step up to the plate, one last time. To not be embarrassed. To make the fright go away. To tell her what he's been feeling for oh-so-long with some pride.

Kevin points to the back room. "She's being interviewed with the cameras right now. She went in there like, five minutes ago. She should be back out soon. Why are you here?"


Soon wasn't soon enough. He had to do it now. Walking was for people who had time on their hands. Jogging was for those who thought what they were doing was only semi important; routine.

Jim ran. Ran to that room the moment he spotted her through the shades. Her crumbled hair waving down her back as she talked and nodded. The camera pointed right at her.

He prayed the door was unlocked, because he was bursting in. Perhaps the door would have gave in even with the lock in place.

Apologising to the camera crew for ruining their shot, he locked eyes with Pam. There she was. Right there. Waiting to hear the words. Her eyes searching him for answers. Why was he here? What happened in New York? Where's Karen? Do you love me like I love you?

He hadn't planned what he would say. No words could come to his blank mind. Besides, he didn't want it to sound like it was rehearsed.

But here it was. The big, is this really it moment that could change it all. "Um...are you free for dinner tonight?"

Her eyes widen. She looks surprised. Shocked. Good? Bad?

"Yes." She stampers, but replies right away. Good? Yes, that has to be good. But what if she doesn't think it's a date? They've had dinner before, just friends. There was one more nail he needed to hit before he could start to celebrate, his chest already filling in the knowledge of his good fortune.

"All right...then it's a date." There, that did it. Ignoring the shocked face of the one camera man and the thumbs up of the other, the doesn't wait around to see Pam's reaction. To see the explosion of smile, her eyes tearing up at his actions. Her happiness overflowing to the point where she can't make it stop.

No, instead he briskly walks back out of the office. He has a sense of direction now. A hope, bigger than any he ever had. And plans. Lots of plans for the future that were suddenly popping up in his head. Springing up, now that they weren't being surpressed like they were when he was with Karen.

Hitting the elevator down button, he smiles. It feels like he woke up from a very long sleep. He feels refreshed. Ready to start the new day. Ready to start any new commitments that might present themselves in front of him.

The dawning of a new day has begun.


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