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Story Notes:

Disclaimer - I don't own anything but each season of The Office and a TV screen that I watch it on. So don't sue, I beg of you! (Oo. That rhymed.)

Author's Chapter Notes:

I'm writing this story in an attempt to banish my writer's block. I have been having a lot of problems continuing each of my unfinished stories and trust me: I feel HORRIBLE leaving them out there on such cliffhangers. Please forgive me!

In the meantime, here's the first chapter. I enjoyed writing this so hopefully you will enjoy reading it as well! 

 Thanks to my beta Malcom Lake because he is phenomenal! 

Pam Beesly walked into the office with a little jump in her step that morning. This was because it was the last day of work before she left on a cruise with Jim. Well, maybe it wouldn’t only be her and Jim. The whole office was vacationing as well. Somehow, Michael convinced corporate to allow a cruise for the Dunder Mifflin Company. But to her, it didn’t matter who was going. It was going to be a romantic getaway for her and her boyfriend and she wouldn’t let Michael or Dwight (who were both going) ruin their trip. The day before, she went out shopping and bought some last minute items, which included a bathing suit that she was surprisingly looking forward to show off. The cruise was going to last eight days. The cruise ended in Miami on the eighth day, but Jim planned an extra four days for them to have to themselves in South Florida. That means twelve whole days away from Scranton; the uneventful city covered in snow and ice.


As soon as she sat down at her desk, Jim walked up to her desk and leaned over. His scent automatically overwhelmed her and all she wanted to do was pull him into an embrace.


“Tonight we will be boarding a plane that will send us to the tropical and romantic Caribbean,” he said in that low voice he used when he spoke to her at her desk.


“I’m ecstatic.”


“I’m betting 20 bucks right now with Kevin that Michael will push somebody off board in an attempt to land a good joke.”


“And Kevin thinks he’ll win? I’m on your side of that bet. I think he’s going to try and be the captain like he did on the Booze Cruise.”


“Oh, that’s a given fact, Pam. Hopefully he won’t start dancing like he did then.”


“And the sad thing is that this cruise has a stage.”


“Oh, no. Who knows what he’s going to do up there?” She shuddered at Jim’s thought and as if on cue, Michael opened the door to his office.


“Gooooooood Morning , Vietnam!”


The office stayed silent and continued to do their work. Jim grabbed one last jellybean and headed back to his desk. Pam tried to concentrate on what Michael was saying; it had something to do with how this trip will help make their “family” stronger, but her mind kept drifting to the thought of her and Jim lying beside the pool or on the beach under the warm sun. Michael finally went back into his office and she turned to the screen on her computer. She really didn’t feel like paying attention to work today, so she pulled up a game of online Sudoku.




The minutes passed by like hours, the hours like days, but finally, at 3:00, Michael let them leave so they could have time to go home and get their stuff before they had to be at the airport for their 6:00 flight. She put on her pink coat and waited for Jim to walk out with her. They finally began to make their way out and they made plans for him to pick her up at her apartment at 4:00.


When she got in her car and arrived at her apartment, she hurried inside so she could get her bags and pack her purse with things to do in the plane. She threw in her ipod, Mad Libs, Sudoku and crossword puzzles, a small sketch book plus graphite pencils (the rest of her art supplies were tucked away safely in her suitcase), and the book she was currently reading: The Other Boleyn Girl. By the time she was done it was 3:42 and she knew that the remaining 18 minutes would seem like an eternity. Her stomach felt like it would explode with her contained excitement. She felt a little funny knowing that she was so thrilled for a trip in which the whole office, actually the whole company of Dunder Mifflin, was going. She also had to admit that there were a few butterflies in her stomach at the fact that Karen and Ryan were going. She was worried that Karen still had feelings for Jim. Also, Ryan asked Pam on a date once before and she hoped things wouldn’t be awkward. She made constant glances at the clock until finally she heard a knock on her door. Practically running, she made her way to open it and let Jim inside.


“Oh, I’m sorry, I think I’m at the wrong apartment,” he said.


“Shut-up,” she replied.


“Here, let me help you with your bags.” He reached down and picked up her suitcase and made a face. “What in the world do you have packed in here?”


“Hey, I’m not a light packer! And it’s not that heavy. You’re overreacting.”


“Please, it’s like, 100 pounds.”


“Excuse me, but you’re not even close. I weighed it and it was only 48 pounds. I made sure I wouldn’t have to pay the fee for it being over 50.”


“I think your scale is off a bit.”


“Well, stop complaining because this is a good time for you to use those muscles of yours.”


“You’re lucky to have me as a boyfriend. I doubt you see Tom Cruise carrying around Katie Holmes’ bags.”


“Tom Cruise has the strength of a four year-old.”


“Good point.” They let out a laugh, made their way to Jim’s car, and put her suitcase in the back. She got in the front seat and soon they were driving out of the parking lot and onto the road. She always loved how their continuous banter would never get old.


“Can I turn on the radio?”


“No, Pam. You know how much that noise people call music bugs me,” he said in a mock-serious tone. She smiled and flipped through the stations bug couldn’t find anything that satisfied her taste in music. She settled on Rhianna’s song, Umbrella. She didn’t hate the song, but it didn’t suit her likings. 


“You can stand under my Um-ber-ella, ella, ella,” Jim sang in a very off-key, but adorable voice which caused Pam to erupt in giggles.


“Have you ever considered trying out for American Idol? I think you could be the next Sanjaya Malakar.”


“I think you are insulting me.”

“Oh, of course not! Why would I do that?” He rolled his eyes at her sarcasm and he continued to sing along as she joined in.


“Just to let you know, I think you’re discordant singing is endearing,” she said.


“So you admit; I’m really off pitch.”


“Yes, but I also said it was cute.”


“You’re being bittersweet.” He looked at her and smirked. She reached over and took his hand is hers. They remained like that for the remainder of the car ride.




“If you set off the security alarm, I swear, I will hurt you,” she said.


“How threatening, Beesly.”


“I want to get on that plane as soon as we can!”’


“The plane doesn’t take off for another hour and we can’t board for another thirty minutes. We have plenty of time and we will make it, don’t worry!”


“I know, I know, but I just can’t wait to get there!” Her anxiety caused him to chuckle. It was at last their turn and so they took off their shoes, emptied their pockets, and put their carry-ons in the plastic tubs. Ironically, Pam’s bag ended up having to be checked. “I’m sorry ma’am, but you may not bring lotion onto the plane.” When she got her bag back, she gave Jim a glare and a playful smack in the arm because he was laughing at her. “You better not set off the security alarm,” he mocked. “I hate you,” she replied with a small smile forming at her lips. As they started walking to Gate 31 they laced their fingers together.


“Oo! Let’s stop by Starbucks!” she exclaimed.


“I thought you hated that place because you said anybody could easily make coffee at their home!”


“Yeah, but the other day I tried an Iced Carmel Macchiato and I’m already addicted. I’m starting to understand the craze over this place.”


“An Iced what?”


She giggled at his facial expression.


“ Carmel Macchiato!”


“Well then if it’s so good then I’ll have to try it myself.” They walked up to the counter and Jim said to the cashier, “We’ll have two Iced—What are the again?”


“Iced Carmel Macchiatos.”


“What she said.”


“What size?” the cashier asked.

”What are the choices?”


“Tall, Grande, and Venti.”


“What about normal old small, medium, and large?”


“We have to use the fancy names around here.”


“Uh, then the smallest one.”


“That’ll be $5.60”


He handed her a five and a one. “Keep the change.”


They retrieved their drinks and walked until they saw a Hudson’s News. “What do you say we buy one of those tacky tabloid magazines and have contests?” he asked.


“What do you mean?”

“Like, who can find a picture of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt with their kids first gets a Mento.”


“You’re so on.”


They walked in and purchased 3 packs of Mentos and two tabloids. Pam chose Star and Jim chose Life&Style. They finally made it to the terminal and found a seat on the floor because it was so crowded.


“If you peek in your magazine before the plane takes off, you are disqualified for a round and the other person gets an automatic win.”




As they sat on the cheap airline carpet drinking their Starbucks drinks, Pam noticed something that caused her nerves to start moving. She saw Karen sitting in a chair but she wasn’t like the Karen that she used to work with. She was wearing short jean shorts and a tank top that was obviously low. She tried to shake her mind off of the thought that Jim would think she was hot. What was Karen doing in the Scranton airport anyway? She suddenly found her thumbnail very interesting. Of course, Jim noticed the change in her emotions right away.


“Pam? Is something wrong?”



“Just a minute ago you were practically skipping with excitement over the trip and now you are staring at your thumb and frowning.”


“Oh, no, everything’s okay! I just got tired for a second.”


“Then you should drink more of the coffee because if you fall asleep on the plane then I’ll have no fun for the flight.”


Although she smiled at his comment, she still felt her stomach feel queasy. She didn’t know what she was fretting over; it was just Karen. After all, he broke up with her. She took another sip of her drink and then the loudspeaker came on and a robotic voice informed them that it was time to start boarding the plane. This was defiantly going to be a trip that they would never forget.


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