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The Dunder Mifflin Company is vacationing on a Caribbean cruise. Jim and Pam are hoping for a romantic vacation but will Michael's outrageousness and some jealousy get in their way?

Takes place in Season 4 and is mostly focused on Jim/Pam.

Rated: T
Categories: Jim and Pam, Present Characters: Andy, Angela, Creed, David Wallace, Dwight, Jan, Jim/Pam, Karen, Kelly, Kevin, Meredith, Michael, Michael/Jan, Oscar, Pam, Phyllis/Bob Vance, Ryan, Stanley, Toby
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Published: April 02, 2008 Updated: September 20, 2008
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Story Notes:

Disclaimer - I don't own anything but each season of The Office and a TV screen that I watch it on. So don't sue, I beg of you! (Oo. That rhymed.)

1. One by flonkertonxx [Reviews - 20] 9 (1889 words)

I'm writing this story in an attempt to banish my writer's block. I have been having a lot of problems continuing each of my unfinished stories and trust me: I feel HORRIBLE leaving them out there on such cliffhangers. Please forgive me!

In the meantime, here's the first chapter. I enjoyed writing this so hopefully you will enjoy reading it as well! 

 Thanks to my beta Malcom Lake because he is phenomenal! 

2. Two by flonkertonxx [Reviews - 3] 2 (2266 words)
I really like the way this chapter turned out and hopefully you all will too! It was really fun to write and I got it done quicker than I thought I would. Thank you all for your reviews! They were all so wonderful! Also, special thanks to Malcom Lake who is just wonderful as my beta.

3. Three by flonkertonxx [Reviews - 3] 2 (584 words)
Sorry that this chapter is so short! It's just the little bit in between that I need to have before they board the cruise. Enjoy!

4. Four by flonkertonxx [Reviews - 7] 2 (1679 words)

Two reviews last chapter. Hmm... Hopefully this one will earn me more! Now the story is getting ready to take-off and get into the interesting stuff. Just hang with me, here!

Jim and Pam's bedroom - http://www.cruisesonly.com/c/media.asp?hid=12693&i=846801&vessel=436&lineid=1&d=&d2=&mpg=p&p=/images/cabin/carnival_1/1_436_cab_8a_8b_8c_8d_8e_bal_75_JAN08.jpg&pg=3&dsc=y

That website shows pictures of the lobby and everything else on the cruise. I'm basing the destinations and everything else about this cruise on the cruise mentioned on that site. So if you want to see what the lobby looks like or any of the other rooms, or if you need a refresher on their destinations, just go there! : )


Special thanks to malcom lake and Abs294 for helping me out with this chapter. They are the best and they deserve a dozen roses! Also, 1000 times thanks to ISayOye for her awesome support.

5. Five by flonkertonxx [Reviews - 9] 3 (2410 words)

Thank you so much, Malcom Lake, for being the most incredible beta ever! Also, ISayOye deserves a huge thank you for being so supportive of me and my writing. 

I had a lot of fun writing this chapter so I hope you all enjoy it! Also, thank you all for the reviews! They mean so much to me!

The dress Pam wears to the party is here - 




6. Six by flonkertonxx [Reviews - 6] 2 (2392 words)

The reviews last chapter were all so great! Thank you all so much! You really deserved this quick update. Do it again and I'll reward you with another quick update. Thanks to malcom lake for being a phenomenal beta. He helps me out so much! Also, thanks to ISayOye and PokerChips for being my best supporters!

I'm so happy I got another update in before the premier. Yay! 

So I like this chapter a lot. It was really fun to write and I hope it shows! : ) Just a heads up - I used Don't Go Breakin' My Heart in one of my other fics, Kevin's Wedding, but I just love that song for Jim and Pam. So don't be angry that I didn't use something different! : )

7. Seven by flonkertonxx [Reviews - 7] 2 (4389 words)

The reviews last chapter were pretty weak, man. (; I'm telling you guys now; I started working on this chapter right after the office premier and finished at 3:11 in the morning. I worked really hard and I'm really happy with the result. So this will hopefully deserve a lot more reviews.

Malcom Lake deserves a trillion thank yous for being so helpful and just.. AWESOME! Also, thank you thank you thank you to ISayOye because she was up with me the whole time I was writing this chapter helping me finish and giving me suggestions on what to do.


8. Eight by flonkertonxx [Reviews - 1] (2908 words)
I'm so so sorry for the delay on this story! It's one of my favorites and I'm so sorry to have left it abandoned! It's been probably 5 months since I last touched it. Please forgive me!

Thanks a trillion MalcomLake! You're bomb diggity.

Holly is played by Zooey Deschanel. Here's a visual aid of how I picture her in this story. http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=t9gvw9&s=4

9. Nine by flonkertonxx [Reviews - 4] (3371 words)
I got few reviews last chapter, but I can only blame that on myself because I didn't update this story in such a long time so I figure it has become forgotten. But I'll still update and hopefully people will start enjoying it once again!

I have a few more visual aids for this chapter.
In my Jam Fan Fiction Fantasy World (say that five times fast), Ty is played by Ben Affleck. http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=6ylkl3&s=4

Also, the pool shown on the cruises website looks kind of tacky to me, so I went out an chose another one. Yes, I'm aware that it is a picture off of a Disney Cruise. But it's my story so I can do what I want to, right? http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=33jpk53&s=4

And lastly, here is the dress that Pam wears to the part. I'm sorry the link is so long!

10. Ten by flonkertonxx [Reviews - 1] 1 (1612 words)
Thanks for the reviews last chapter! You all are so great!
Sorry this chapter is a bit shorter than the rest... The whole idea with the picture came from a deleted scene in Goodbye Toby. I watched it over and over because their pose was so cute : ) Hope you still enjoy it!

11. Eleven by flonkertonxx [Reviews - 4] (1996 words)
This is part one of Jim and Pam's day in Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas. Thanks a million to Malcom Lake. He should seriously beta everyone.