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Author's Chapter Notes:
It's been done. Here's my take. Unedited, sorry for any errors. I just want to get this up.
The afternoon sun shone brightly through the trees lining the playground, glaring off the metal of the swing set just enough for the child making angels in the sandbox to squint. The little girl loved the sun, but hated it in her eyes. Couldn't it be in someone else's?

"Pam!" an adult that looked vaguely like the child called. "We're leaving in ten minutes. Don't get too involved in anything."

"Yes, Mama," Pam sighed, even though she barely had an idea what 'involved' meant. She thought it meant spinning around. Mama didn't want her spinning around?

"She doesn't want you to start nothing new," someone said. Pam spun around quickly, giggling when sand showered the boy behind her.

"How did you know that?" she asked curiously, smiling widely.

"Learneded it. In kindagarten. I'm six." The boy's green eyes sparkled with pride.

Pam's smile faded slowly. "Oh. I'm five. This many." She held up four fingers. "I have kindamagarten in . . . free months."

"It's lotsa fun. You'll wuv it. I'm Shimmy. Mommy calls me Little Shimmy. But I'm big now." Jimmy folded his already-tall frame into the sand beside the girl, grinning at her crookedly. "Who are you?"

"Meeeee?" Pam sang, jumping up and running to the swings. "I . . . am . . . Pamewaaaa! Catch me if you can!"

At that moment, the overly zealous Pamewa tripped on a large rock, and down, down, down she fell. Her screams broke the happy buzz settled over the playground; Jimmy skidded to a halt in shock, then bolted towards her at a faster pace. Pamewa needed him.

"Pam? Pam! Honey, Mommy's coming!"

Jimmy dropped to his knees and inspected the large cut on Pam's shin with the precision of a skilled six year old that had fallen out of many trees. "Hold still, Pamewa. It won't huht as much."

The sight that met Pam's mother when she finally found her daughter warmed her heart. Pam gazed up at this boy like she had seen the light, and his expression was the most intense she had ever seen on a person under thirty. He held her head tenderly, humming a random tune. Mrs. Beesly swore she heard him whisper, "Cawght you," and he leaned down and kissed her lightly on the lips. Pam smiled, and her mother was torn between the giant 'awwwww' that was forming behind her lips or going over there to beat the boy's head off.

However, she settled for cleaning Pam up and promising repeatedly to both of them that they would see each other again.

They didn't. Jimmy's trip to visit his uncle ended the following day, and Pamewa never saw him again.

Pam rolled over and poked the snoring lump beside her.


"Uhnunhh whaa?"

"Who was your first kiss?"

"Morning, Pam. Night, sleep. In the morning."

"No, now. Your first kiss."

"Uhhnng, fine." Jim shifted his weight to face her and opened his hazy eyes. "Real or peck?"

"Whatever came first, dork."

"Um, Cassidy Larson, sixth grade. Why?"

"No, before that." Pam disregarded his question.

"There was no before that. I know it's hard to believe I wasn't always a ladies' man, but--"

"Jim. Think. Harder."

A moment of silence.

"No. Way. Beesly! You are not--"

"Oh, I beg to differ. I . . . am . . . Pamewaaaa!" Jim snickered. "Shut up, Little Shimmy. I was five."

Jim's tone was suddenly much more somber. "Yes, you were. I was six. We lived in different towns, went to different schools. And here we are. How do these things happen?"

Pam fought a smile. "Well, Shimmy, it is a small world, after all."

"Oh my god! Don't you dare. You know I'll being singing that all week."

"Get over it, Shim, and go back to sleep," the big Pamewa giggled.

Jim huffed dramatically, and turned back over. After a second of quiet, Pam distinctly heard, "It's a small world, after all, it's a small world, after all, it's a small, small world."

Silence, then: "It's a small world, after all, it's a small world, after all, it's a small, small world."

And again.

The fourth time, Pam whacked him with a spare pillow. "Shut it, Halpert."

He laughed. "I love you too, Beesly."

Chapter End Notes:
Review, please? Also my first time at fluff. How'd I do?

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