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Summary: A response to the 'Prior Meeting' Challenge, sort of. They don't technically 'meet' but, eh, what can you do?
Rated: K
Categories: Past, Jim and Pam Characters: Jim, Pam/Roy
Genres: Oneshot
Warnings: No Warnings Apply
Challenges: Prior Meeting
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Published: May 18, 2009 Updated: May 18, 2009
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Story Notes:
I own nothing.

I was watching the basketball episode again and this little idea came to me, I don’t know if anyone has done it already but I thought I’d give it a go anyway because right now the Halpert kids are giving me a terrible headache in not acting the way I’d like them to even though I’m the writing them. Argh!

1. Chapter 1 by IThinkWeBrokeHisBrain [Reviews - 4] 3 (775 words)