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Twenty-two minutes

Twenty-two minutes. A new record.

In a mere twenty-two minutes you (well, we) left work, drove home, you used the bathroom (of course), changed out of your work clothes, and fell asleep on the couch. Completely out cold. I wouldn't have thought it was possible.

Of course, I wouldn't have thought that you could possibly need to pee that many times in one night. Or that you could throw up that much when you've barely eaten anything. Or, most amazingly, that this extreme fatigue, champion-level peeing, and constant nausea are all perfectly okay things. I never would have thought that.

The books say so, though. And my mom says so. And the internet. Also the doctor. And Meredith, who actually is a mother even though I try not to think about that too much

Anyway, so in less than half an hour we got you home so you could take the nap you have been repeatedly wishing for all day. I'll go try to make some dinner that won't totally repulse you, and then I'll come sit beside you in the lazyboy chair. I'll probably watch you sleep for a little while instead of waking you up to eat right away (you won't want the food anyway). I know you think that's weird, but you have no idea how much I love to just see you here- on our couch, in our house. Pregnant with my baby.

My baby. Of all of the amazing- I mean, really, really great things your body can do, this is just. Wow. And we did that. Because I love you and you love me and we made a baby. A baby.

It's a little unreal.

I can see you changing, of course. It's not bad! I'm not complaining at all. I love the little mound under your bellybutton, and the way your cheeks seem fuller and softer already. I know you feel fat or whatever, but I like it. It's just still sort of hard to connect those changes with, you know, a kid. Our kid. Wow.

We have a ton to do before the baby comes. The nursery. Diapers- I think we have to buy a whole bunch of diapers. Oh, and get married. There's that.

I'm really glad I asked you before we found out about the baby. I just would never, ever want you to wonder. I think you knew, already, that I wanted forever with you, but I'm glad we had it settled.  I just wish you weren't worried about what you were going to wear or what people were going to think. You'll be beautiful. You are beautiful. Even with that teeny bit of drool at the side of your mouth as you sleep.

I'll get you home even faster tomorrow, sleeping beauty.  I love you.

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