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Story Notes:
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It’s awkward at first. Oscar and Andy already know everything about each other, so they have nothing to discuss on their first date.

Oscar breaks the awkwardness first. “You want to tell me the latest music trends?”

Andy’s face lights up. “Yes!” He launches into his story about what’s new in music.

After Andy’s done, their food arrives. In between bites, Oscar and Andy laugh about their crazy day at work.

They kiss after arriving home. “This was my best first date ever,” Andy informs him.

Oscar walks away smiling.

This is the last first date for both of them.
Chapter End Notes:
This is different from my usual Jim/Pam, but I love Oscar/Andy just as much as them. One of my friends asked for a fic about this couple, and this is what I came up with. Hope you enjoyed!

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